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Shell Specialties (Bitumen & Sulphur solutions) in India

Bitumen Plant

Bitumen plant at Uluberia, West Bengal

The Specialties business of Shell offers a range of Bitumen and Sulphur products & technologies that help address the challenges faced by the road sector today. We are here to partner the growth of infrastructure in India in the long term.    

We supply conventional grade bulk bitumen Shell VG30 from a network of terminals. We use Shell’s global expertise in the bitumen market to provide at an agreed Fixed Price for the duration of a road construction project; this helps remove the risk of cost volatility for the road construction organization. We back this up with an assured supply chain and premium quality.

In order to meet the quality requirements of Asphalt Mix, we will soon also be launching Higher Performance grades of Conventional Bitumen.

We augment this with a range of modified bituminous products such as different grades of Polymer Modified Bitumen, Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen and Emulsions from our manufacturing plants.

Our plant at Uluberia, which has a total installed capacity of 50,000 Metric Tons per annum, is also equipped to manufacture special tailor made bitumen products to international standards as per special climatic and road conditions and applications.

Additionally Shell Bitumen in India also supplies ready to use instant road repair premix under brand name Shell Shelmac PR. This allows road to be opened to traffic within 10-15 minutes and imparts good strength to repaired area.

Shell’s sulphur enhancement technologies enable a proportion of the bitumen in the asphalt mixture to be replaced with Shell Thiopave, resulting in a stronger mixture that enhances the load bearing capacity of the finished road.

Shell Thiopave has significant potential to increase road life and, importantly, to deliver meaningful reductions in greenhouse gas emissions through lower temperature production. At the same time, it reduces the amount of bitumen needed for road construction, by replacing a proportion of the bitumen in the asphalt mixture, therefore helping to alleviate industry concerns about bitumen supply/demand imbalances.

Quality Product

The real differentiation for a customer buying product from Shell Bitumen rests in basic product knowledge, understanding of its complete chemistry, Quality Control and the technology around it alongwith its performance on the ground, backed by global Shell bitumen expertise.  Shell is a solution provider, supplying tailor-made, fit-for-application and treatment of road products based on customer needs. Shell typically works with both the contractor, design and supervision consultant and the owner of airport runways/ major highways and even with rural roads to provide the most suitable and best product suited to their application, product needs and local conditions.

Business Opportunities for Shell Bitumen in India

India is building a huge network of national highways, state highways and rural roads (vast network of 3.3 million kms, second only to USA) and would need world class product quality in order to minimize the maintenance cost of the roads over their life cycle. There is a huge central funding, states funding, external aid from WB / ADB and Private investments to build this road network. Shell can significantly contribute to enhance longevity of road surface while simultaneously lowering maintenance cost through the application of technology based solutions during pavement construction and its preventive and routine maintenance. 

Shell Bitumen Products for different applications

Shell Bitumen in India supplies different grades of Bitumen Emulsions, Modified Bitumen and ready to use cold-mix for different road applications. The table below provides different product grades and its applications on Indian roads:

Shell Bitumen Products for different applications
Shell Product Type of product Applications type Specifications
Shell Bitumen VG30 Paving Bitumen Binder IS: 73
Spramul RS-1 Emulsion Tack Coat IS:8887, ASTM D 2397
Spramul MS Emulsion Patch Work, Premix Carpet, Prime Coat IS:8887, ASTM D 2397
Spramul CSS-1 Emulsion Prime Coat, Tack Coat ASTM D 2397
Spramul CSS-1h Emulsion Prime Coat, Tack Coat ASTM D 2397
Spramul SS-2 Emulsion Slurry Seal, Fog Seal, Cold Mixes IS: 8887, ASTM D 2397
Spramul Micro-surfacing Modified Emulsion Micro-surfacing application for Highways, city roads ISSA A143, IRC:SP:81
Cariphalte 40/ 70/40 Plus Polymer Modified Bitumen Premium binder for wearing course, Binder Course and Alligator Crack Sealing IS: 15462, IRC:SP:53
Bitumen PMB 40/70/40 Plus Polymer Modified Bitumen Premium binder for wearing course and Binder Course IS: 15462, IRC:SP:53
Mexphalte CRMB 55/60 Stable Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen Binder for wearing course, Binder layers and SAMI layers IS: 15462, IRC:SP:53
Shell Shelmac PR Ready to use cold Premix Pot hole repair, patch work, thin premix carpet, trench filling Shell Specifications
Shell Thiopave Mix Modifier Binder course and base course Accredited by IRC, NHAI

Contact Details

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For more than 85 years Shell has been one of the leaders in bitumen products and services innovation and is focused on developing a world class portfolio of bitumen products and services designed to address your emerging needs.