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Road safety talks in school

Nearly 1.3 million people are killed on the road globally every year, another 50 million are injured.  More than 90% of these casualties occur in low and middle income countries.

Getting road safety right is a priority for Shell – and a serious challenge. We help keep our drivers safe through training programmes, by limiting their journeys, and by enforcing our global road safety standards. We work with communities and global partners to improve road safety in the countries where we operate.

Here is a glimpse to the road safety programmes that are carried out in India :

Project Jyoti: It is a driver’s training program which focuses on imparting life skills education to the drivers such as literacy, health, financial investment, family welfare, personal grooming and ethics.  

Project Humrahee:  It is a program focused on professional accreditation of the drivers by making them undergo various levels of defensive driving training. The objective is to create a pool of competent drivers.

Road Safety for Schools:  A road safety school curriculum has been developed to impart awareness and practical knowledge to school students. To date, it has been undertaken in 6 schools in the country. The programme which comprises of classroom lessons, take home exercises, and practical simulation activity, helped children better understand the issues of traffic and road safety and the active role they can play in their own wellbeing and safety.

In another programme, short road safety awareness sessions are being carried for school children. A defensive driving program for school bus drivers is being planned.

Other informal programmes for drivers:  Frequent informal presentation are given to drivers about analyzing the reasons for accidents globally. This encourages the drivers to openly discuss the dos and donts while driving.

Haulier & Driver League: A recognition and reward program for Drivers and Hauliers in which the top performing ones in the area of safety are rewarded on the basis of a defined objective scoring sheet

IVMS(In Vehicle Monitoring System – GPS) monitoring: Every vehicle is fitted with IVMS system which is used not only to track the position of the vehicle but to also to improve Driver behaviour. Every driver is monitored for harsh acceleration/braking, Speeding, Idling , Freewheeling  & counseled regularly to improve safety behaviours.

Project Saarthi (yet to be implemented):  A project is being planned with Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) to improve life skill and safety understanding of the taxi drivers especially the segment who operate from Bangalore International Airport.