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Be Aware, Be Safe, At Every Moment: A Road Safety Campaign

According to the report prepared by the National Crime Records Bureau, Chennai has recorded the highest number of road accidents. The number is a staggering 9,845 cases in the year 2011, which is almost double compared to the previous year. Children are vulnerable groups to road accidents. Along with their age growth, they will inevitably be exposed to roads out of their homes.

Sustainable Development at Hazira

As a part of the principles governing the company, the Sustainable Development programmes are undertaken systematically to identify and engage with stakeholders, undertake activities transparently and address stakeholder concerns.

Naya Daur

Naya Daur Logo

Naya Daur, which means a new beginning in Hindi, is a Shell Technology India (STI) initiative that focuses on imparting basic literacy and life-skills education to the underprivileged workforce, directly or indirectly working for the organisation. This initiative aims to make great strides in the journey towards Goal Zero by reaching out and raising the lowest common denominator of the society, thereby helping them help us.

Project Better World

Project Better World is a global staff-driven organization aimed at building awareness of sustainable development and creating value through the provision of volunteering opportunities in the economic, environmental and social spheres, in which Shell is a stakeholder.

Project Jyoti

A drivers's training programme aimed at imparting life skills education such as health, investment, child education.

Shell Junior National Science Scholarship

To encourage high-school students to look at a career in engineering, Shell India conducts Shell Junior National Science Scholarship examination in 20 cities across the country.

Dialogues on Local Issues - "Shell Dialogues"

'Shell Dialogues' is a platform for fostering discussion and debate on the challenge of ensuring inclusive and sustainable economic growth. It is an acknowledgement of the fact that stakeholders legitimately have overlapping or diverging interests, views and aspirations. At the same time, they have different contributions to make towards growth and development. A platform for dialogue not only provides a mechanism for inclusion, but also highlights the potential for synergies.

Shell Manch

Shell in India runs a unique program with a media partner NDTV wherein we jointly created a platform for debate of energy related issues key to the country. The platform is unique only because India is being compelled to make choices dynamically as it evolves to a sustained high growth economy that wants to be fully participative in global economics, and has not necessarily thought through key issues related to energy (production, use and impact). The platform was broadened from only English to include Hindi to deliver a larger footprint of viewership which have been extremely well received by all.

Some of the topics included were:

  • Urja ki Jung - "Energy Saving is the war cry"
  • Paani ki Pareshaani - "Water - the real crisis of global warming"
  • Vikas ki Keemat - "Enviroment is the price we pay for Economic Development"
  • Education

Working with Differently-Abled: Helen Keller Awards

The NCPEDP-Shell Helen Keller Awards acknowledge exemplary contribution by role models in expanding the space for people with disabilities in society. In particular, the awards recognize contributions for making workplaces accessible and for encouraging employment for differently-abled persons.

A Selection Committee constituted for the purpose decides the winners by means of a completely transparent and rigorous process. The Selection Committee comprises representatives from the National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP), Shell India and NGOs associated with the differently abled.

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