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What is Project Better World (PBW)

Shell Project Better World is a global staff-driven organization aimed at building awareness of sustainable development and creating value through the provision of volunteering opportunities in the economic, environmental and social spheres, in which Shell is a stakeholder. Apart from collaborating in volunteering opportunities with organizations like Earthwatch, United Nations Volunteers, etc. national teams have been set up across the world and offer local volunteering opportunities to people in Shell, both in environmental and community-based projects.  On average, these local projects involve 1,600 volunteers globally every year.

Project Better World is now recognized throughout Shell and has ongoing support from the HR Executive and Group Social Investment

PBW National Team India

Project Better World (PBW) National Team India is a national team member of the Shell Global PBW Team. Initiated and run by Shell India employees, PBW India aims to make Shell’s commitment to sustainable development tangible.

To this end PBW India works closely with a number of non-governmental organizations in activities in the areas of environmental sustainability, empowering local communities etc.  For example PBW India actively continues to participate in rehabilitation of victims in the Karnataka/ Andhra Pradesh floods. Other activities that they actively engaged in were, for example, tree plantation in the neighbourhood, participating in the nationwide “Joy of Giving” campaign etc. The national team also actively encourages participation in global partnerships of SPBW, with organizations like Earthwatch, sending volunteers on projects like the Pantanal Conservation Research in Brazil.

Apart from developing and participating in the volunteering activities, the National Team also aims to be a proactive group, providing a platform to raise awareness for those interested in Sustainable Development (SD) and the approach Shell is taking.

Partner with us

We look forward to partnering with Non governmental organizations (NGOs) in organizing activities that create value through the provision of volunteering opportunities in the economic, environmental and social spheres. We look for areas where Shell employees can uniquely contribute their expertise and skills for development projects and thereby add value. If you are looking for partnering with us in any such activities, contact us at enquiries-in@shell.com