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Mangrove plantation

As a part of business principles, Hazira Group of Companies commits to contribute to Sustainable Development. The Sustainable Development Programme has a special focus on Hazira and its surrounding villages. The Group Companies have also set up a dedicated team and have created an office in the village to facilitate dialogue and access. The various activities under the Sustainable Development Programme are implemented in partnership with village institutions (Gram Panchayats and various village committees), NGOs and Government Departments.

The partnership with local institutions has resulted in a 1100 ha mangrove plantation (more than 60,00,000 trees) as on December 2010. This includes partnership with Gujarat Ecology Commission for 300 ha mangrove plantation.

The mangrove plantation initiative is supplemented by an overall eco-restoration initiative that includes creation of alternative fodder and water sources, ponds renovation and water harvesting, roof rainwater harvesting, and plantation of fruit and fodder trees in village commons and private lands. Hazira LNG and Port Companies are also supporting a programme on Vulture Conservation in Hazira Peninsula.

Students using computer

Training and Capacity Building is another critical component of the Sustainable Development Programme. Hazira LNG and Port Companies have sponsored 77 local students to premier vocational institutes in the country- including Foreman Training Institute, Bangalore, Nirma University The Surat Gems and Jewelry Institute and  National Power Training institute. After successful completion of the course, they all got employment opportunity in various industries including Hazira LNG and Port Companies. In addition, 108 local students sponsored for soft skill development like like Basic computer, accountancy, BPO, Logistics & Shipping with partnership of Gujarat Knowledge Society.

 In addition there has been a strong emphasis on supporting the Government initiatives on upgradation of Primary Education. 11 Activity Centers cum Libraries were set up in Hazira peninsula villages and training provided to teachers.

Polio Drops

The Hazira Group Companies have also set up a dedicated dispensary for community in early 2003 which has treated more than 125,000 patients till date. In addition, support is also provided to campaigns for Polio Vaccination, HIV-Aids Awareness, TB eradication and other key initiatives of the village institutions and  Government.

The commitment to Sustainable Development for the Hazira LNG & Port stems from its business principles. As a part of the principles governing the company, the Sustainable Development programmes are undertaken systematically to identify and engage with stakeholders, undertake activities transparently and address stakeholder concerns. The programmes specially focused on Hazira and the surrounding villages are implemented through partnership with various village institutions, NGO’s and Government Departments.


Hazira LNG Terminal
Hazira LNG terminal project is one of the largest greenfield foreign direct investments in the energy sector in India.