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Shell Bitumen at a glance

Shell Bitumen at a glance

Since the late nineteenth century, demand for bitumen has been increasing – a demand Shell has helped to meet. Shell began major bitumen production in the UK in 1920 with the opening of the Shell Haven refinery. Today, we manufacture bitumen at refineries around the world and are one of the leaders in research into new bitumen and asphalt applications. We have an extensive global and regional bitumen supply network, helping you to benefit from a reliable supply and to complete projects on schedule.

Our challenges

We believe that our present global environmental, financial and geopolitical context reflects a need for action, cooperation, thought-leadership and innovation.  Shell has published its views on the future, which revolve around the ‘Three Hard Truths’.

By 2050, global energy demand is expected to double, as populations grow and people become increasingly affluent. Secondly, supplies of easy to access oil and gas will struggle to meet this growing demand. Thirdly, environmental stresses will rise, including the need to curb CO2 emissions.
Shell Bitumen believes that these challenges will have an impact on the road construction industry. Our effective paving solutions can help you keep communities on the move to improve trade and access to services, and to build safer and more attractive places to live.

Our vision

Our vision

From cycle-lanes to pipelines, from airport runways to motorways, bitumen is crucial to the construction and maintenance of public infrastructures. We are committed to developing solutions for all our customers and stakeholders, with a comprehensive product portfolio designed to deliver optimal pavement performance.

Research & Development

For more than 85 years, Shell has been one of the leaders in bitumen and asphalt technology research.  Its global bitumen manufacturing and marketing business, Shell Bitumen, operates Bitumen Solutions Centers in Europe, Asia and South America and a global research and development centre in Bangalore India, where its experts undertake cutting-edge research into bitumen and asphalt applications. 


Photo of a road

We support our infrastructure customers throughout the world. Our effective paving solutions can help you keep communities on the move to improve trade and access to services, and to build safer and more attractive places to live. We offer solutions to cater to a wide range of needs:

  • Main Roads: Effective paving solutions help keep commercial vehicle and car drivers safe and on the road and withstand the demands of high volume inter-city road networks and highways
  • Urban Roads: Pavement solutions to withstand the needs of busy urban areas, as well as adding a splash of colour to neighbourhoods – bringing towns and cities to life
  • Rural Roads: Creating and maintaining an effective road network for rural areas, particularly in developing countries, is essential to support rural economies, particularly in India were the Central Government is funding the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna (PMGSY) scheme until 2012, which helps to provide  all weather road connectivity to unconnected habitations across the country. The benefits are social as well as economic – giving communities access to health and educational facilities

    Discover more about the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna

  • Heavy Duty: Airports, ports and railways require paving solutions that can withstand extremely heavy loads and high pavement stress
  • Industry: Industrial applications for bitumen are extremely varied but the core applications include roofing, flooring and sealing

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