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Shell Instapave - Effective and affordable all-weather roads, helping to improve quality of life

Effective and affordable all-weather roads, helping to improve the quality of life in local communities by offering more people access to local amenities

Shell Instapave was conceived by the Shell Bitumen team in the Philippines where they recognised the need for a cost effective alternative to conventional road surfaces. In the Philippines, approximately 78% of the total road network, equivalent to 155,000 kilometres, is gravel roads – an inadequate system for a developing country.

The team successfully developed a bespoke solution for the region and this product is now being rolled out in India and Latin America.

As a more cost effective alternative to conventional asphalt or concrete paving, it is more easily within the reach of developing countries and presents a more durable solution than gravel.


  • fully mobile – available in drums;
  • improves durability of rural roads, particularly under intense rainfall and monsoon conditions;
  • reduces or eliminates the dust that gravel and earth tracks produce; and
  • can be laid without complex machinery, using locally sourced aggregate.

Wider Social Benefits

The World Bank recognises the wider benefits of a quality road system – access to schools, hospitals and markets.  Their research shows that $1 spent on roads is of greater benefit to the population than $1 spent on irrigation.

Dust, generated by gravel roads, is also a major contributor to poor health in developing countries leading to  higher incidences of lung cancer. As an affordable and viable alternative to gravel roads, Shell Instapave can also contribute to improving overall health. 

Ideally suited to meet the needs of developing countries where there is a need for a low-cost road surface in areas where there are relatively low volumes of traffic. Shell Instapave is designed to meet the needs of individual governments or communities. The exact solution will depend on the needs of the local community.

Please visit our global site for the contact details of your local Shell sales person to check availability in your country.

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