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Shell Mexphalte CRMB

High quality, homogeneous and storage stable crumb rubber modified bitumen

The use of crumb rubber for bitumen modification in the form of CRMB is quite common in India. Normally, the compatibility of crumb rubber and bitumen is quite low and the two normally do not make a homogeneous mix. One of the major issues with currently available CRMB has been homogeneity and storage stability, as crumb rubber particles separate from bitumen, causing rapid deterioration in the binder quality.

To address this issue, Shell Bitumen has developed Shell Mexphalte CRMB after extensive research and development. The new product uses high performance additives and a special manufacturing process. Shell Mexphalte CRMB is formulated for high homogeneity and stability over a long period of  time.


Shell Mexphalte CRMB offer following benefits over conventional binder:-

  • High stiffness of Shell Mexphalte CRMB helps control deformation under high temperature and heavy loading conditions.
  • Shell Mexphalte CRMB helps address the issue of reflective cracking through the use of SAMI layers.
  • Increases the fatigue life of pavement under repeated heavy loading conditions.
  • Can be used directly in SMA layers saving the entire cost of fibres.
  • Full valve from Bitumen modification as fully homogenous and storage stable.
  • Helps in reducing the thickness of pavement for the same life.
  • Helps in reduction of maintenance cost and is more cost effective on a life cycle cost basis.

Main applications:
Shell Mexphalte CRMB is normally used for dense and semi-dense bituminous mixes, wearing course and binder course of the pavement. It can also be used for SAM and SAMI layers to prevent reflective cracking. It can also be used for premix carpet for low volume roads.

Special Applications:
High viscosity of Shell Mexphalte CRMB makes it suitable to be used for high-end applications such as chip seal, spray seal, SMA  and porous or drainage asphalt. 

Please visit our global site for the contact details of your local Shell sales or technical person to check availability in your country.


Sustainable Development
At Shell Bitumen we aim to deliver pavement solutions designed to help reduce your business’s impact on the environment and to help improve the quality of life for those living in both the developing and developed world.