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Shell S-Grade Binders

Designed to accelerate productivity

The properties of Shell S-Grade Binders lower the viscosity of the asphalt mixture at high temperatures whilst increasing its viscosity at low temperatures.  This eases compaction and extends the workability window.


• improves workability;
• accelerates productivity;
• extends the paving window; and
• offers savings in energy costs.

Extensive testing and field trials have demonstrated that these binders are more viscous at temperatures below 100°C than reference unmodified bitumens. At temperatures above 115°C the binders exhibit lower viscosity and thus better flow and coating behaviour, which improves the workability of the asphalt mixture.

Shell S-Grade Binder mixtures can be compacted at lower temperatures, meaning the asphalt mix can cool and harden quicker – allowing the surface to be back in operation faster, keeping your business on the move.

Use of these modified binders allows plants to manufacture asphalt at much reduced temperatures. Reducing temperatures by 20 - 30°C, can produce savings in the order of 7.5%, which equates to approximately 0.5kg fuel per tonne of asphalt produced.

Shell S-Grade Binders are suitable for use in heavy traffic flow areas, particularly where it is critical to reopen the surfaces and minimise any disruption to traffic flow.

• highways;
• airports;
• tunnels;
• bridges;
• roundabouts;
• urban roads;
• roofing – laid by hand;
• mastic asphalt; and
• other areas of high traffic.

Please visit our global site for the contact details of your local Shell sales person to check availability in your country.


Sustainable development
At Shell Bitumen we aim to deliver pavement solutions designed to help reduce your business’s impact on the environment and to help improve the quality of life for those living in both the developing and developed world.