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Shell Shelmac PR

Shell Shelmac PR : An instant all-weather pothole repair solution

Shell Shelmac PR™ is an instant repair pre-mix for permanent repair of potholes, cracks, and depressions on the roads. It is ideally designed to withstand extreme temperatures and heavy traffic conditions. Shelmac PR cold mixture consists of nominal aggregate size of 9.5mm down size. Shelmac PR incorporates speciality additives that impart unique performance properties to the mixture.

Shell Shelmac PR offers increased convenience and reduced cost of maintenance.

Features of Shelmac PR:

  • Ready for immediate use with pre-mixed aggregates (cold technology).
  • No heating or mixing or additions to the product before or after application.
  • Requires simple equipment such as hand brushes, shovel and a rammer. The use of a roller is not necessary.
  • No pretreatment of repair areas is required i.e. cutting out, use of tack coat.
  •  Instant curing/setting, partly by air-drying and partly by compaction.
  •  All-weather usage product. Instant repair of roads with Shelmac PR can be made in monsoons & wet conditions, extremes of heat (60˚C+) and cold conditions.

Advantages & benefits:
Shelmac PR has the potential to:

  • Eliminate the need for plant & machinery at site.
  • Be very fast setting as compared to other options. 
  • Enable the road to be reopened to heavy traffic immediately after repair, reducing the traffic hold up time. 
  • Offer no sticking/picking-up of material by vehicle tyres. 
  • Be highly stable at high pavement temperatures. 
  • Be highly resistant to stripping by water, offer high skid resistance. 
  • Lead to very little ravelling, bleeding, depression/permanent deformation. 
  • Provide minimum wastage of material.
  •  Utilise minimum unskilled labour. 
  • Offer increased service life of the repaired potholes.
  • Offer no pollution during maintenance.

Shelmac PR comes in convenient ready to use packing of 50 kg net HDPE bags with inside LDPE liner.

The preparation required prior to use is minimal. For optimum results, remove standing water/loose debris / dust with a brush from the pothole. Pour Shelmac PR directly from the bag into the pothole and overfill by 10 mm. Compaction can be done with a simple hand rammer. It cures quickly enough to open to traffic immediately once compaction is completed.

Usage areas:

  • Potholes
  • Ruttings
  • Utility cuts
  • Rigid Pavements

Please visit our global site for the contact details of your local Shell sales person to check availability in your country