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Shell Spramul

Shell Spramul: bitumen emulsions for asphalt applications

Bitumen emulsions for asphalt applications

The properties of the Shell Spramul range of bitumen emulsions allow the products’ use in a wider variety  of applications than offered by conventional emulsions, helping to contribute towards the rehabilitation and maintenance of roads (from low to high traffic volume roads).

Our experience and worldwide technological expertise enables us to offer our customers solutions designed for the specific requirements of their individual projects or market needs.

Shell Spramul products are designed for a wide range of road applications:

  • Shell Spramul RS-1 emulsions are used to create a bond between an asphalt overlay and the existing surface providing an effective Tack Coat.
  • Shell Spramul MS emulsions are used with aggregate to produce a pavement with stone thickness and enough bitumen to hold the aggregate in place. The surface treatment is applied to resist the abrasive forces of the traffic and to prevent the ingress of water into the road. Shell Spramul MS is used for 20mm thick premix carpet, pothole repairs and patch work.
  • Shell Spramul SS-1, CSS-1 and CSS-1h emulsions are used for Prime Coat application and perform several important functions such as coating and bonding loose mineral particles on the surface of the base, hardening and toughening the surface of the base, waterproofing the surface of the base by plugging capillary or interconnected voids, and providing adhesion or bond between the base and the asphalt mixture. These emulsions penetrate quite deep in WMM / WBM surface providing an effective Prime Coat.
  • Shell Spramul Slow Setting emulsions, particularly Shell Spramul SS-2 are designed for use in slurry seals and for cold storable mixtures for patching.
  • Shell Spramul slow breaking emulsions are designed for soil stabilisation and also suitable for use with cold recycling of RAP. These emulsions are tailor made as per quality of aggregates and local site conditions.
  • Shell Spramul Microsurfcing emulsions can be used with geotextiles in SAMI layers or in microsurfacing applications, and are tailor made as per design and quality of site aggregates. Shell Spramul Microsurfacing is a Latex Modified Emulsion and can also be used for Crack Seal / Fog Seal applications.
  • Shell Spramul Rejuvenate is used for Rejuvenation of old oxidised road pavements, which otherwise are structurally sound. This is highly useful for Preventive maintenance in most Indian geographies due to high temperatures that leads to quick and massive oxidation.

Please visit our global site for the contact details of your local Shell sales person to check availability in your country.