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Why is Shell changing the laboratory that processes LubeAnalyst samples?

The new laboratory is equipped with the very latest ‘state-of-the-art’ oil analysis technology and will give even more accurate results on the condition of customer oil samples. This is part of Shell’s constant aim of being able to offer customers world-leading services.

Will the new laboratory be able to offer the same tests as the old one?

The new lab will offer all of the same tests (through pre-paid standard kits or post-paid advanced samples) as before but in some cases using more advanced testing methods, giving even higher levels of result accuracy. However, the diagnosis of results through the Shell Expert System and the format or reports will remain unchanged.

Where should I send my oil samples now?

From 17th September 2012 oil samples should be sent to Shell LubeAnalyst, A-77, Road No. 16, Wagle Industrial Estate

Thane-400 604, Maharashtra.
Sample collection points will continue to operate in the same way as now.

Can I still use the postage envelopes that are in the kits I already have?

Yes, you can still use the envelopes but you will need to update the mailing address.

What will happen to any samples sent to the previous address?

Any samples sent to the previous address will continue to be collected and transferred to the new facility but this could cause a slight delay to the processing time so customers are advised to send samples directly to the new address for the most efficient service.

How do I order the new kits? Has the process changed?

No, the process for ordering the kits has not changed. Please use the same order codes as before.

I have received kits in a new box design. Are they the same as the ones I received before?

Yes, the contents of Kit 1 (Transport) and Kit 2 (Industrial) are exactly the same. The only thing that has changed is the outer packaging. The standard box has a label on the end showing the kit type.

Standard LubeAnalyst Kit Box

Standard LubeAnalyst Kit Box

Kit 1 for Transport and Off-Highway Equipment

Kit 1 for Transport and Off-Highway Equipment

Kit 2 for Industrial equipment

Kit 2 for Industrial equipment

I have stock of kits in the old packaging. Can I still use them?

Yes, kits in the old packaging are still perfectly valid but remember that all kits have a maximum validity of 12 months and must be processed before the expiry date. Please use older kits before newer ones.

Who can I contact if I have queries about this change?

Please send any questions to niriksha.motiramani@shell.com