Students of Bharathi High School in Madikeri pose with solar lamps distributed by Shell India in collaboration with Care India

Powering Hope, Re-Building Lives

Devastating floods washed away much in Kerala and Coorg late last year. The beautiful hills of Coorg and the verdant greens of Kerala saw nature’s fury sweep away houses, farms, livestock Overnight, residents lost livelihoods – families struggled to stay afloat. The rains came and went, but the dark clouds remained, casting a shadow for the future of the people of Kerala and the Madikeri District in Karnataka.


E4 – Second Cohort Launched

Shell ramps up its E4 programme in India with 5 new tracks. 8 start-ups selected for the second cohort. Shell aims to accommodate 30 start-ups annually

potential for a very different energy system to emerge

Sky Scenario

The Sky Scenario illustrates a technically possible, but challenging pathway for society to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

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Latest News and Features in India

Royal Dutch Shell wants GST on natural gas

  • GST on natural gas will make transport of the fuel across India efficient, says Shell Energy Asia VP Ajay Shah
  • Shell owns the 5 million metric tonne Hazira LNG terminal in Gujarat and is also present in fuel retailing