Hazira LNG Terminal

The Hazira Terminal includes a liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage and re-gasification terminal within a fully functional port. The Rs 3,000 crore Hazira LNG Terminal and Port facilities, in Surat district of Gujarat, is regarded as a key foreign direct investment (FDI) project and represents one of the largest international investments in India in the energy sector.

The Hazira (Surat) Port is designed as a deep-water, all-weather and direct-berthing port. It is situated in the State of Gujarat on the West Coast of India, about 25 km from Surat city and about 120 nautical miles north of Mumbai. The port is built with a protected harbour design, with additional waterfront for development of non-LNG cargo handling terminals. Hazira (Surat) Port has an approach channel of about 1000m, turning radius of 600 m and dredged draft of 12.5 m with a capacity to accommodate larger vessels using tidal variance.

The Hazira (Surat) Port is planned as a ‘Gateway Port’ to serve the hinterlands of North, West & Central India where the container traffic is expected to grow exponentially. The Hazira (Surat) Port also falls close to the planned Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) and the high-speed dual carriageway constructed under the Golden Quadrilateral Project.

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Milestones in Business

The Hazira LNG terminal was the first to introduce Spot LNG supplies into India.

The Hazira LNG terminal operates and supplies LNG to a large number of customers in different industrial segments ranging from power and fertilizer to ceramic, steel, small and medium industries.

LNG has proved to be a cheaper, clean and efficient replacement to liquid fuels being deployed by many industries for their power requirements. The Hazira model has decisively proved that power costs can be reduced substantially when LNG replaces liquid fuel such as naphtha. Consequently, there has been increased appreciation of the reduction in costs on deployment of LNG replacing any other fuel in the basket.

The Hazira LNG Terminal is now interconnected with the Hazira-Vijaypur-Jagdishpur line (HVJ), Dahej-Uran pipeline (DUPL), Gurjarat State Petronet Limited (GSPL) and East West pipelines at Mora, enabling us to supply gas to North, West, Central and even South India.

Health Safety and Environment

Causing “No Harm to People” is a core part of the company’s Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policy. Hazira LNG & Port has a systematic approach to Health, Safety, Security and Environment management and manage these matters as critical business activities. This applies to our employees as well as to the wider community and covers health issues from travel and stress and to fitness at work and work-related disease.

The Hazira Group Companies also campaign on road safety to spread awareness and help reduce the number of road accidents on the Surat-Mora-Hazira roadways. The Hazira Social Performance team has launched a social investment project on road safety, as a partnership between Public- Private-Civil Society. This campaign covers the local community, private vehicle owners and drivers and seeks to sensitize daily commuters to the risks that lead to road accidents and to provide them basic knowledge on staying safe on the roads.

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