Become Shell Retail Station Operator

Earn between Rs. 8,50,000* and Rs. 1,020,000* per annum per site.

An ideal candidate should have:

  • Minimum Education - Graduate & Equivalent
  • Preferably 5+ years of working experience in retail / service / hospitality industry
  • Investment capacity of Rs. 18 Lakhs**
  • Experience in managing and handling manpower
  • Ability to manage financial statements, P&L and drive profitability
  • Strong financial credibility
  • Ability to unlearn and learn

How to apply?

  • Step 1 - Check if you are eligible

    Please note the minimum investment required is Rs. 18 Lakhs.

  • Step 2 - Submit the application form

    Please fill out the application form to be considered for Shell Retailship.

  • Step 3 - We will review your application

    We aim to get back to all applicants within 15 working days.

Why Shell?

Shell has had a long association with India, with Burmah Shell entering the country in 1928. Shell India is one of the most diversified international energy companies in India with over 9000 employees, over 250,000 retail customers, and more than 189 distribution networks. Shell Retail is currently present in India across eight states - Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Meghalaya, Tamil Nadu and Telangana.


  • 25 Million

    Customers per day

  • 11 Billion

    Transactions per day

  • 43,000

    Stations across 75 countries

Shell station logo

What is the business opportunity?

Running a Shell service station is a major commitment. Most of our service stations remain open 24X7, 365 days a year and we pledge to provide world-class customer experience with every transaction. Hence, we are looking for partners who display leadership qualities and can maintain world-class service standards, always.

You will be at the helm of operations of your Retail Outlet and it is upon you to decide how you will organize and manage your team. Your team will look up to you for inspiration and we expect you to be able to lead from the front and set the benchmarks of professionalism. As a part of the role that you will play in Shell’s retail eco-system, you will need to interact with a whole host of people. Given the nature of business, good people skills will help you succeed and manage your stakeholders and customers effortlessly. The relationship you build with people around you will go a long way in building trust and loyalty with your customers and team alike.

Read FAQs to learn more

Fuel is added on car

The Business Concept

As a Shell Retailer, you get an opportunity to demonstrate your acumen in the following areas, to name a few: - customer service, retail operations excellence, P&L management, business approach, enthusiasm and most importantly, commitment.

We will partner with you to provide you a basic set-up of the fuel station (land, Infrastructure & fuels owned by Shell) and handhold you through a world class training program. As partners, we will work together to achieve common objectives and will support each other to ensure that the business prospers in an open and collaborative environment.

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What is the earning potential?

Return on Investment

Like any other retail business, the income one can expect from a retail outlet depends on a variety of factors like location, size and format of the shop, etc.; but the potential earning lies anywhere between Rs. 8,50,000* and Rs.1,020,000* per annum per site. There is also a possibility of a single retailer handling multiple sites. In addition, you also get the opportunity to earn over and above your expected income range by exceeding targets and optimizing costs.

*Please note, these figures are indicative and subject to change.

As a standard practice, we will hold a specified amount from you as security deposit. The amount will vary depending on the nature of the cluster you will be allocated. You will also need to ensure a stipulated working capital amount to fund your day-to-day business operations and to order the initial inventory for the shop. An initial investment of around Rs. 18 Lakhs** should be enough.

**Please note, these figures are indicative and subject to change.

Entitlements & Royalties

The retailer receives a commission on all fuel sales. He/ She is entitled to the income generated from all shop transactions but is expected to pay pre-agreed royalties to Shell for all non-fuel sales.

The retailer is expected to grow the business and exceed estimated business plans while controlling and optimising on their costs. This is an excellent way to increase their income as well.

Shell will determine the core product range for the convenience store; however, the retailer has an option to include a limited range of products of their choice to cater to local tastes and preferences.

The investment towards the inventory of the convenience store will have to be borne by the retailer.

The retailer is required to recruit and manage the staff at their station. They will be on the retailer’s business’s payroll.


Sovit khemka


Sovit Khemka

I started my career soon after graduation and have had experience in QSRs and setting up business operations for start-ups.

I always wanted to run my own business someday. I explored multiple options available in the market & that’s when I got to know about Shell Retailership. I was intrigued by the proposition and immediately applied for the program. As part of this program, I underwent a well-planned training which helped boost my confidence. As days went by, my excitement to be a retailer with Shell only grew.

I started with a single site in 2017. 3 years later, I am successfully running a cluster of 3 sites. I, together with 125+ empowered staff members, am proudly delighting millions of customers with a great experience.

I’m very thankful to Shell for having given me such a wonderful platform.

Rupali gawate

Rupali Gawate

I come from a farmer family in a small town, but my family always encouraged me to approach life confidently and achieve my goals independently.

I strongly believe that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. And my dream came true when I got an opportunity to be a part of Shell - a company which is globally known for its innovative technology, committed goals, cleaner energy, collaborative culture, and respect & safety for its employees.

After successfully completing the recruitment process I underwent rigorous on-site training, post which I was ready to join a community of passionate, committed and responsible Retailers.

As soon as I started my journey with Shell, I felt I was ready to become a leader with great passion and a commitment to safety – not only of my own, but that of others around me. I am now proud to say that I lead a team that constantly aims for the best and stays focused on delivering a great customer experience.

General manger

GM’s Message

As they say, leadership is not just about you but about the growth of others. At Shell, we believe in empowering leaders. If you’re a pioneer with a zeal to serve your customers, we have an exciting opportunity for you.

Today, people at fuel stations do not just sell fuel but offer a service that drives consumers back to them. Customers these days look for a wide range of products and services that cater to the needs of both the Motor and the Motorist. With more than 43,000 outlets that serve 25 million customers across the world, every day, we offer an opportunity for being associated with the brand.

We’re consistently making enhancements in our operations. Delivering world class Customer Experience is at the heart of everything we do. And, all of these are being delivered by passionate people. So, if you are people oriented, customer centric, P&L focused, business minded, ambitious and determined, Shell can give wings to your aspirations of being an entrepreneur.

If that sounds like something you can help deliver, then you could look forward to a great future as part of our select group of Self-employed Retailers.

Terms & Conditions / Disclaimer:

This is an offer to make an offer and Shell reserves the sole right, to be exercised at its discretion, regarding the appointment of a Retailer and any other matters connected therewith. The appointment of a Retailer shall be subject to Shell standard terms and conditions and signing of a definitive agreement. (Legal Disclaimer as per RBA)

Shell shall be entitled to revise investment limit from time to time and holds complete discretion to do so.

*Earnings and numbers of sites may vary and are not guaranteed.