Elevate your fleet performance and maximize savings with Shell solutions

Fleet management is a crucial skill for any business that operates a group of vehicles. Effective management of a fleet requires the right fleet management software, tools, and solutions for controlling your spending on refueling. On top of this, there is growing pressure on businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. This requires the ability to optimize fuel efficiency, and businesses can also take the next step through carbon offsetting.

At Shell, we offer a variety of fleet management solutions for business customers, allowing you to optimize performance, save money, gain control over your fleet, and make more informed decisions, based on real-time data. In the following sections, you can learn more about Shell fleet management solutions and how they can assist you.

Shell Fleet Fuel Card

Fuel cards are among the most important fleet management solutions available to businesses because they provide a means of controlling refueling activities and managing spending. The Shell Fleet Fuel Card allows businesses to track fuel expenses and monitor relevant transactions, with real-time alerts available.

Aside from providing fleet managers with complete transparency and more control over fuel spending, the Shell Fleet Fuel Card service can also make life easier for individual drivers. Businesses can provide each driver with their own card, which can be used quickly and easily at Shell retail sites for more efficient refueling. Depending on the permissions set up, drivers may also be able to use the card for coolants, lubricants, and other essential products and services.

Control your refueling

One of the single biggest advantages of using the Shell Fleet Fuel Card service is the element of control over refueling activities. With this Shell fleet management solution, customers have the option to add new cards, block existing cards, and set up card groups. You can create your own card restriction profiles, which allow you to set limits on when the card can be used, the products and services that can be purchased, and the locations where the card can be used.

Maximum spend controls can be set and this can limit spending on a per day, per week, or per month basis. You will be able to view all transactions made with any card allocated to your employees and view up-to-date information on your total fuel expenses. Ultimately, the level of transparency and control makes this an essential fleet management tool.

Additional fleet security

The Shell Fleet Fuel Card also provides a number of important security benefits, which can be essential for optimizing fleet management. In particular, a variety of features have been implemented to prevent and detect fuel fraud, including instant card activity reports and real-time detection of suspicious activity.

In the event that suspicious activity is detected or suspected, you will be able to instantly block cards, in order to limit any damage that occurs. PIN codes can be set for each card, which is invaluable if a card is lost or stolen, while you will also have the option to add Fleet ID verification for extra peace of mind.

You can find out more on our Shell Fleet Prepaid page.

Shell Telematics

Great fleet management requires the right fleet management software. Shell Telematics serves as a one-stop telematics solution, providing you with all of the insights and real-time data you require to get the very most out of your fleet and your drivers. The Shell fleet solution also combines seamlessly with your Shell Fleet Fuel Card, while the Shell Telematics devices for your vehicles have ARAI/ICAT certification and are AIS 140 compliant.

With Shell Telematics, you will be able to manage your vehicle performance, locate vehicles on a live map, access key performance indicators, control your fuel expenses, and detect instances of fraud. On top of this, you can manage driver behavior, set up geo-fencing alerts, and gain access to optional fleet management solutions, including live fuel monitoring and a variety of safety features, such as panic button integration and speeding alerts.

Vehicle tracking system

The Shell vehicle tracking system is a comprehensive solution, which allows you to monitor your fleet in real-time. The position of all vehicles in your fleet can be seen on a live map, which includes both a satellite view and Google Street View, along with real-time information on traffic congestion. You will also have around-the-clock access to your complete journey history, allowing you to view the date, times, and durations of past journeys.

The fleet management system provides detailed insights into driver behavior, including information on braking events, speeding, acceleration, and much more. This information can then be used to provide feedback and inform training efforts. The vehicle tracking system's live map is available 24/7 via the Shell Telematics online portal and on our dedicated mobile app, which is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Fuel management

When selecting your Shell Telematics package, you have the option of purchasing the Fuel Bundle. This includes all of the aforementioned vehicle tracking features while adding real-time fuel monitoring features. These features will assist with fuel management and allow you to view live information on the current fuel level for each vehicle in your fleet.

Fuel management functionality can be integrated with the Shell Fleet Fuel Card, allowing you to quickly detect fuel fraud. You will also have access to mileage reporting, providing valuable data on fuel economy and offering further insights that can help you to identify areas where improvements can be made in terms of efficiency.

You can find out more on our Shell Telematics page.

Drive Carbon Neutral

Business customers who make use of the Shell Fleet Fuel Card and refuel their vehicles exclusively through this service are able to opt into the Drive Carbon Neutral program. Essentially, this allows your business to offset the carbon emissions associated with your fleet through a carbon credits system. At Shell, we work with our business customers to improve sustainability, reduce their carbon footprint, and help them to Accelerate to Zero.

For a small additional fee, customers are able to automatically offset well-to-wheel emissions for their entire fleet, and we will carry out all of the calculations, purchase carbon credits, and use these for nature-based solutions. As a result, you can position your business as a leader in the global effort to decarbonize and tackle climate change.

Carbon credits

Carbon credits function like a permit, granting businesses the right to emit a certain amount of carbon dioxide because an equivalent amount has been removed from the atmosphere, or has been prevented from being emitted in the first place. One carbon credit is equal to one tonne of carbon dioxide or equivalent greenhouse gases.

At Shell, we allow our business customers to opt-in to a carbon offsetting program, where we monitor fuel consumption and then purchase an equivalent amount of carbon credits. In order to ensure their integrity, carbon credits are subject to third-party validation. The credits are used to fund a variety of nature-based solutions.

Nature-based solutions

Nature-based solutions are a range of activities that serve to protect or develop our natural ecosystems. Examples of natural ecosystems that can be beneficial in the fight against climate change include forests and grasslands because these play a role in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

When you opt to achieve carbon neutrality using the Shell fleet solution and pay for your refueling with the Shell Fleet Fuel Card, you are actively supporting Shell's contribution towards these natural climate solutions. In addition to helping to reduce greenhouse gases, these nature-based solutions have a number of further benefits, including protecting the natural habitats of wildlife and facilitating the production of eco-friendly materials.\

You can find out more on our Drive Carbon Neutral page.

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