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Sector Expertise: Powering progress across industries

Find out the sector-specific lubricant solutions offered and developed by Shell industry experts.

Services, Applications and Products

Whether you’re looking for greases or gear oils, online training, or oil condition monitoring, get the bespoke lubrication solutions you need to keep up with the competition.

Shell Lubricant Expert helping a facility manager optimise operations


From oil condition monitoring and on-site support to digital equipment management and more. Explore the insights, innovations and collaboration that have helped inform our suite of lubricant services.

Close up on the hydraulic system of an excavator


Whether you’re looking for a hydraulic fluid or heavy duty engine oil, a lubricant that can support your sustainability aims or one that’s designed for a specialised application, we can help you find the perfect Shell solution.

A close up on a lubricant pouring from a bottle


Discover the range of Shell Lubricant Solutions products that have been helping businesses like yours maximise equipment efficiency and reduce downtime for decades.

Sustainability Solutions: Lubricants to support your sustainability goals

For organisations in every sector, sustainability is no longer a choice but a business imperative. Move one step closer to sustainable growth with our range of advanced lubricants and greases designed to support your sustainability ambitions.

Sustainable Solutions

See how just a few simple changes could help you meet your sustainability goals without having to sacrifice business performance.

Carbon Neutral Lubricants

Learn more about our extended range of carbon neutral lubricants, designed so you can make sustainable choices that still prioritise performance.

Latest from our Perspectives Content Hub

Industry has the potential to accelerate the transformation towards a more sustainable society, providing it has access to the right ways of thinking and working. Our Perspectives Content Hub is updated regularly to share the latest insights and ideas from some of the world’s brightest industry thinkers, so business leaders can help realise the full potential of their people and organisations.

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Distributor Solutions

Our Driveline portfolio spans lubrication solutions, strategic programmes and expert counsel to help you meet the evolving needs of your customers. Keep their equipment working efficiently and reliably, so they can minimise downtime and drive performance – helping them (and you) to be more profitable in the process.

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Find key technical and safety information on our products at www.epc.shell.com.