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Efficient performance requires reduced maintenance time and increased uptime. Make the right choices with Shell’s range of specialist compressor oils.

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Your compressor system is vital for efficient performance. When properly lubricated, it can help to effectively regulate your equipment, maintaining a stable temperature and reducing the risk of wear. But to do so, your compressor oil must be able to suppress foaming, release trapped air and rapidly separate out condensed water. This takes a specially formulated, adaptable oil. One that has a higher viscosity index but lower pour point than most mineral-based oils.

The solution is a gas-to-liquids (GTL) base oil. GTL technology allows your compressor oil to remain close to its optimal viscosity over a wider range of ambient temperature or extended operations. How do we know this? From extensive testing in close cooperation with customers and equipment makers just like you. The result is a Shell Corena air compressor oil range that is backed by leading industry players, because it was developed in collaboration with them.

Even in high temperature, high humidity regions, Shell Corena S5 R has proven capable of oil-drain intervals up to 10,000 hours. That’s not only maintenance time saved that can be spent on more demanding parts of your business, but it’s also increased uptime, which equals greater productivity. And if it’s something more specialist you’re in need of, then the Shell Corena range also includes both dedicated rotary compressor oils and oils for reciprocating compressors as well.


Even in high temperature, high humidity regions, Shell Corena S5 R has proven capable of oil-drain intervals up to 10,000 hours.


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