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Like many industrial components, gearboxes are becoming smaller, more sophisticated and, as a result, running under higher temperatures and pressures. And as designs change, so do expectations of greater reliability and improved performance. As such, modern gearboxes require greater protection from their lubricating oil in order to perform to their full potential. At the heart of this is ensuring the adequate protection of seals. One leading gearbox manufacturer has suggested that seal issues are the main limits on extending operating times before maintenance is required.1 And what’s more, 40 per cent of seal failures relate to oil compatibility problems.2

40 per cent of seal failures relate to oil compatibility problems.²

The good news is that the latest Shell Omala gear oil, Shell Omala S4 GXV, has been designed to meet the most recent seal compatibility specifications that have been introduced by leading manufacturers. In fact, the entire Shell Omala range has been specially curated to meet any industrial gearbox need:

  • Shell Omala “G” Range – Enclosed industrial spur and bevel gear applications from standard to demanding high-load and extended-duty applications.
  • Shell Omala Specialty Range – Enclosed industrial spur and bevel gears for special applications such as extra shock-load protection or particulate contamination control.
  • Shell Omala “W” Range – Industrial worm-drive applications from standard to demanding high-load and extended-duty applications, including Shell Omala S5 Wind 320, a carbon neutral gearbox oil with an industry-leading 10-year warranty.

From mining to manufacturing, the Omala family offers you the versatility needed for any operation, delivering performance no matter the demands. Explore the Omala range today to extend your maintenance-free operations.

1,2Read more about Shell Omala Gear Oils products

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