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Heavy-duty Diesel Engine Oils

Crank up your engine performance with Shell Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils.

Learn more about what your engine needs protecting from and what Shell can do to keep your business on the road.

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As the demands on heavy-duty vehicles evolve, so do their engines. Whether it’s enhanced performance and durability or regulatory emission standards, today’s heavy-duty engines are designed to meet an increasing number of essential operational criteria. Though in theory these innovations expand the capabilities of their vehicles, in practice, they also open up machinery to a range of new sensitivities.

While advancements like electronic control technology provide greater precision, enhanced fuel economy and reduced emissions, they require greater protection from performance-robbing deposits and wear.

And with engine life increasing, this protection must be able to last the distance, because the alternative can have disastrous consequences. But what exactly does your engine need protecting from? Firstly, deposits must be controlled – from piston deposits to crankcase sludge – as any dirt present in your engine can reduce efficiency and increase fuel costs. What’s more, a low-quality oil may fail to protect vital components from combustion acids, causing corrosion and potentially catastrophic engine failure. While over time, excessive wear can critically damage essential components like the engine valve train or gearbox, where high-pressure contact points are exposed to daily stresses.

Shell Rimula and Rotella heavy duty diesel engine oils are formulated with protection in mind, designed to keep the hard-working engines of off-highway equipment or on-highway vehicles running, whatever extreme conditions they may face. You can be safe in the knowledge that your protection will last; our real-world testing proves extended oil drain intervals, allowing you to clock up more miles before your next service.

A low-quality oil may fail to protect vital components from combustion acids, causing corrosion and potentially catastrophic engine failure.

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