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The stationary engines that power our world are being increasingly pushed to the limit. As engine manufacturers’ designs become more sophisticated, yet susceptible to harsh environments, power producers face a balancing act of maximising the potential of their machines while ensuring protection is adequately provided. This dynamic is set against a background of rapidly changing market pressures ranging from tightening emission controls to fuel availability. Though reliability and performance are still expected at the flick of switch. All of which results in greater stress being placed on your equipment.

Managing this stress can be achieved by ensuring your engine oil – a vital component of any maintenance regime – is suitably equipped for the pressures and temperatures your engines are exposed to. Protection is only one consideration, however. To stay competitive and maintain profitability, you need an engine oil that can help improve efficiency and reduce operational costs. Whether your stationary engine runs on heavy fuel oil, distillates and liquid biofuels, or natural or sour gas, Shell Lubricant Solutions has an engine oil that can help you keep the lights on.

  • Shell Mysella Range– Formulated for the latest high-brake-mean-effective-pressure engines, Shell Mysella S7 N Ultra offers ultra-extended oil life and excellent deposit handling.
  • Shell Argina Range – Designed for the latest, high-output and dual-fuel engines from MAN and Wärtsilä, Shell Argina S5 has improved base number retention and viscosity control.
  • Shell Gadinia Range – Developed for diesel engines and approved for a broad range of ancillary equipment, Shell Gadinia S3 helps minimise lacquering and provide enhanced wear performance.

To stay competitive and maintain profitability, you need an engine oil that can help improve efficiency and reduce operational costs.

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