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Industry equipment

Shell Diala

Transformers provide the heartbeat of electricity generation and distribution, working under harsh conditions with the aim of delivering efficient and uninterrupted power supply.

The Shell Diala range of transformer oils provides your equipment with lifelong protection from corrosion and sludge, with extended oil life, through higher oxidation stability and enhanced heat transfer performance. Greater efficiency over a wide range of operating temperatures makes it well suited to the reduced sizes, increased loads and higher voltages of next generation transformers.

For units in environmentally sensitive locations, the readily biodegradable Shell Diala S5 BD offers the performance customers expect from Shell Diala, while helping meet their sustainability requirements.

Shell Turbo

A power plant is only as successful as the turbines that generate its energy efficiently, since when a turbine goes offline, the plant often follows. With such an integral role to play, turbines – from their bearings to their control valves – must be able to run reliably 24/7, much of which comes down to having an effective maintenance schedule in place.

A large part of this equation is the turbine oil you choose for your equipment. A high-quality turbine oil can help deliver value to your operations, through enhanced protection, long oil life and high system efficiency. The Shell Turbo family of oils do just this. Formulated to offer outstanding oxidative stability, contamination control and anti-wear protection, Shell Turbo can help your turbines fulfil their operating potential confidently.

Shell Tonna

Every part of your equipment has been carefully engineered to maximise performance of the application at hand. Your machine tool slides, tables and feed mechanisms are a perfect example of this. Equally, specialist applications need specialist lubricants, which is why Shell Lubricant Solutions have a number of machine tool slideway oils available to meet the challenges you face when working with demanding systems and multiple materials.

The Shell Tonna range of slideway oils brings accuracy and reliability to your operations, with excellent frictional properties, slideway adhesion and anti-wear performance. Shifting your lubrication responsibilities to Shell Tonna can help to unlock a range of hidden value, from extending your coolant sump life to increasing the speed of your operations.

Shell Morlina

Lubrication systems in industrial equipment can differ considerably, though one constant is their need to operate at, or beyond, their original design parameters, particularly in the face of high-temperature and operationally demanding conditions. At the heart of many of these systems lies your bearings, small components that have a big say when it comes to performance. Overlooking bearing condition – or the resulting circulating performance of your system – can have disastrous consequences for both your operations and finances.

No matter your application, protecting your components from wear and securing effective circulation should therefore be a key maintenance priority for you and your team. The Shell Morlina family of bearing and circulating oils has been designed to help you deliver results consistently. With robustness and reliability at their core, the diverse range of oils offer the required qualities for any environment, whether you need a fully synthetic product fortified with extreme-pressure additives or speciality products designed to deal with hot, wet or dusty environments.

Beyond Diala, Turbo, Tonna and Morlina, we also cater for applications that require heat transfer oils, refrigeration oils and varnish removal fluids, among others. If you’d like to speak to one of our team about finding a solution for your specialist application, please click here.


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