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Driveline for Agriculture

Maintaining a modern agricultural fleet

Faced with rising demand for production, agricultural operators cannot afford unexpected downtime for their equipment. Watch our video to see why a smarter approach to maintenance is vital for combatting unpredictable conditions and creating a platform for successful agricultural operations.

Four Ways to Protect Your Equipment

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    Prevent engine issues caused by deposits and sludge

    Effective lubrication prevents the build-up of piston deposits and crankcase sludge, keeping your engine running as smoothly as possible for as long as possible in even the harshest of conditions.

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    Control engine wear in every environment

    Working in wet or dusty environments – as well as high or low temperatures – puts your engine at risk of wear. Avoid this with lubrication that forms a protective film over the key components in your equipment.

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    Protect against combustion corrosion

    Without the right lubrication, simply starting your engine can be a common cause of corrosion. Protect your machinery’s pistons and cylinders from rapid wear to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

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    Extend equipment life and productivity

    The daily operation of your machinery exposes it to a range of unwanted contaminants. Effective lubrication helps to fight these off and prevent the issues they cause – meaning a longer equipment life and greater productivity.

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How to protect your excavators

Download our infographic to see how lubrication overcomes the key maintenance challenges in efficient excavator operations.

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Driveline Products

Truck & Tractor Engine Oils – Shell Rimula

Our scientists developed Shell Rimula heavy-duty diesel engine oils, designed to protect your engine, helping you lower maintenance.

Shell Tellus

The Shell Tellus range of transmission and axle oils keeps your equipment running smoothly day in, day out. As well as providing 75% better sludge protection, it lasts up to 3x longer than industry standards – offering better performance and lower consumption.

Shell Gadus

Providing your equipment with effective multi-purpose protection, the Shell Gadus range of greases improves the reliability of your fleet. It delivers lasting protection and helps your machines to perform at their best for longer.

1 ASTM D7109
2 Caterpillar Oil Aeration Test
3 Shell Rimula R5 LE 10W-30 demonstrated fuel economy of up to 1.6% in on the road testing compared to 15W-40 oils and SAE 10W-40 demonstrated fuel economy of up to 1.0% in MAN Euro 4 engines compared to 15W-40 oils using city drive cycles
4 Compared with ASTM D2070 test limit
5 Compared using TOST and RPVOT tests

Lubricants Services

Shell LubeAnalyst

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Shell LubeAnalyst

Prevent breakdowns with our early warning system for potential oil or equipment failures

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Shell LubeMatch

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Shell LubeMatch

Find the right lubricants for your equipment with our free online tool.

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Shell LubeChat

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Shell LubeChat

Get answers to your most pressing lubrication questions with our online chat tool

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Shell LubeAdvisor

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Shell LubeAdvisor

Improve efficiency and reduce your operating costs with oil advice from the Shell experts

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Shell LubeCoach

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Shell LubeCoach

Improve your team’s performance with our in-depth lubrication training programme

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Shell LubeVideoCheck

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Shell LubeVideoCheck

Reduce operating costs and downtime by inspecting the inside of your engine without dismantling it and catching potential issues early.

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