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Defeat downtime and deliver productive operations with a specialised suite of lubricants and services that puts your potential in motion.

Make your equipment as hard-working as you are

The success of your business depends on your ability to maximise productivity and manage the total cost of ownership across your equipment operations. Shell Driveline helps you achieve this with a suite of high-performance lubricants and services that keep your vehicles and machines running efficiently and reliably.

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Travelling huge distances (often in extreme temperatures and weather conditions), on-highway fleet vehicles need looking after to keep them on the road as much as possible. Shell Driveline helps operators by enabling them to increase power output and extend service intervals – reducing fuel consumption and unplanned downtime, to deliver the best total cost of ownership.

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Meeting tight deadlines in harsh conditions, construction teams need the ability to prevent avoidable breakdowns, unplanned maintenance costs, and expensive replacements. Shell Driveline provides site operators with the lubricants and expert advice they need to operate productively by increasing uptime, minimising downtime, and extending the life of their equipment.

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Working to maximise yields in tough environments, agricultural operators need their equipment out in the fields and not in the repair shed – especially during peak sowing and harvesting periods. Shell Driveline makes sure the machines do not let them down – equipping farmers with the lubricants and services to keep their vehicles working as productively as possible.

Why maintenance and lubrication matters

Avoidable costs and delays are an all-too common occurrence, with many companies suffering unexpected costs due to unreliable equipment. Working with a trusted partner to provide effective maintenance and lubrication can help operators to cut these costs, improve productivity, and set their businesses up for success.

Barriers to better operations

  • Failure to prioritise maintenance

    Many operators admit that maintenance is not prioritised until their equipment breaks down.

  • Cost concerns

    Maintenance teams are constantly under pressure to deliver greater results while cutting costs.

  • Lack of senior support

    Across the sectors, equipment maintenance is often not sufficiently valued by senior management.

  • Knowledge gaps

    Companies often do not realise the impact that effective lubrication can have on equipment productivity.

  • Lack of in-house expertise

    Many operators need additional training for their teams to avoid breakdowns and unplanned maintenance.

  • Insufficient external support

    Maintenance teams often struggle to find external partners with the expertise needed to deliver value.

Solutions for better operations

We help you to overcome these barriers and increase the productivity of your machine operations.

Calling on our extensive network of experts, we work with you to demonstrate the business value of effective maintenance, improve the efficiency of your maintenance teams and deliver training to build your in-house skill base.

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Farming Productivity

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Driveline Products

Truck & Tractor Engine Oils – Shell Rimula

Our scientists developed Shell Rimula heavy-duty diesel engine oils, designed to protect your engine, helping you lower maintenance.

Shell Tellus

The Shell Tellus range of transmission and axle oils keeps your equipment running smoothly day in, day out. As well as providing 75% better sludge protection, it lasts up to 3x longer than industry standards – offering better performance and lower consumption.

Shell Gadus

Providing your equipment with effective multi-purpose protection, the Shell Gadus range of greases improves the reliability of your fleet. It delivers lasting protection and helps your machines to perform at their best for longer.

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