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Combining Optimised Lubrication with Industry 4.0 Intelligence

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Companies around the world are excited about the potential of Industry 4.0 technologies to improve their operations, as well as the cost savings new high-tech equipment can deliver to their company. However, a lack of expertise on effective maintenance and lubrication could seriously disrupt companies’ efforts to maximize the potential of their high-tech equipment investments.

Collaboration will be key to overcoming these obstacles and unlocking progress.

Too many companies still underestimate the impact that optimising lubrication can have on the bottom line. When in fact this is essential for companies to realise the potential total cost of ownership (TCO) savings from new high-tech equipment and proper maintenance.

At Shell, we pride ourselves on working closely together with customers to help them seize opportunities to get the most out of new technologies. This sharing of expertise will only become more valuable for helping companies navigate the changes ahead.

High-tech services to help maintain advanced equipment

  • Shell LubeCoach – A customised training programme designed to give your employees the enhanced knowledge they need to make informed decisions about maintaining more advanced equipment. The workshop-based training provides practical insights into best practices, to help deliver longer lubricant and component life.
  • Shell Remote Sense – A lubricant condition monitoring service that uses smart sensors to enable real-time oil condition monitoring of equipment in remote locations. Using machine learning, it produces actionable insights and recommendations that provide tangible value – improving equipment health, lowering maintenance costs, and increasing operational efficiency.
  • MachineMax – A digital off-highway fleet management service from Shell and wireless telematics company MachineMax, designed to optimise fleet usage and profitability. It uses wireless smart sensors and analytics to tackle the issues of vehicle under-utilisation, high idling time and poor maintenance. Operators and site managers receive real-time information through an intuitive interface that can help them optimise their fleet operations and preventative maintenance programmes.
  • OREN – A B2B marketplace for mining, created by Shell and IBM. Oren connects forward-thinking customers with innovative solutions from trusted companies, to help tackle pressing issues in operations, sustainability, safety, production, and beyond.

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Shell LubeCoach

Shell LubeCoach provides access to high-quality training materials and training to help you deliver optimal performance.

Shell Remote Sense

Shell Remote Sense uses advanced analytics to produce actionable insights and recommendations aimed at reducing unplanned downtime, optimising maintenance and extending equipment life.

OREN: Mining and Industrials B2B Marketplace

Oren quickly connects mining and industrial customers with the world’s most innovative solutions.

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