3D printing team looks at a 3D Printed plot plan

How we keep the world moving.

The energy challenge facing us has never been greater. That’s why Shell is working to deliver lubrication and service solutions that don’t just meet the needs of businesses now, but in the future, too.

With technology centres in three continents, we’ve leveraged the know-how of hundreds of experts across the world to deliver products that help our customers’ machinery operate efficiently.

We keep the world moving through partnership, innovation and application, delivering lubricants for heavy duty machinery to targeted solutions for international markets, as well as battery e-fluids for electric vehicles.

We create new and bespoke lubricants capable of withstanding extreme temperatures including for CNH, the leading manufacturer of agricultural and construction machinery.

We also work with our partners to accelerate the energy transition and innovate to create new technologies in areas such as electrification and e-mobility.

We have a strategic alliance with Kreisel Electric which is creating next generation electric vehicle batteries to deliver industry-leading battery efficiency, fast-charging capabilities and superior safety and stability. The partnership is enabling us to take electric vehicle batteries to the next level.

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