Shell E-Fluids and E-Greases are based on our extensive lubricants expertise. We have partnered with leading OEMs to support battery electric (BEV) as well as fuel cell electric (FCEV) powertrains for passenger car vehicles, as well as commercial and heavy duty vehicles – ensuring that all types and sizes of electrified mobility can benefit from the extensive range of specialized Shell E-Fluids and E-Greases. In addition, the Shell E-Fluids portfolio is offered carbon neutral to improve the sustainability footprint of electric vehicles and is available worldwide through Shell’s extensive supply chain.

Our E-Fluids are designed for the full range of electric vehicles

Full range of vehicles our e-fluids are designed for

E-Transmission Fluids

  • Superior Synchronizer Compatibility
  • Outstanding Electrical Properties
  • Excellent Copper Corrosion
  • Excellent Shear Stability
  • Excellent Thermal and Oxidation Stability
  • Well-balanced Friction and Clutch Performance
  • Novel Antifoam Technology
  • Excellent Cooling to the E-Motor

E-Thermal Fluids

  • Excellent Thermo-Dynamic Properties
  • Very High Oxidative and Thermal Stability
  • High Compositional Consistency
  • High Cost Effectiveness vs. Fluorocarbon Materials
  • Outstanding Compatibility with Construction Materials
  • Excellent Conductive Heat Transfer
  • Co-Engineered with Battery Designs to Mitigate Flammability Risk


  • Excellent Thermal and Oxidation Stability
  • Excellent High Speed Performance
  • Noise Reducing Capability
  • Outstanding Electrical Properties
  • Very High Energy Efficiency

We have recently announced some exciting updates on E-Fluids for Electrified Commercial Vehicles, and our strategic alliance with Kreisel Electric. For more information on recent developments in the Shell E-Fluids & E-Greases space, please take a look at our recent announcements.

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