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Shell Gadus for Electric Vehicles

Reasons to use e-greases

  • Noise Reduction

    Noise Reduction

    Shell Gadus E6 2400 rates the quietest in accredited industry tests, with greater noise reduction properties compared to competitors.1

  • Controlled Friction

    Controlled Friction

    Low friction is critical in reducing battery power consumption, and Shell Gadus E6 2400 shows reduced friction in tests compared to competitors.1

  • Corrosion Protection

    Corrosion Protection

    Shell Gadus E6 2400 has achieved an outstanding protection rating against corrosive salt water in recognised industry testing.1

  • Leakage Prevention

    Leakage Prevention

    The long-life synthetic technologies in Shell Gadus maintain structure for longer periods, improving shear stability in tests compared to competitors.1

  • Excellent Low-Temperature Use

    Excellent Low-Temperature Use

    Formulated with synthetic base oils and optimised thickener technology, Shell Gadus delivers effective grease mobility at low temperatures.1

  • Exceptional Low Odour

    Exceptional Low Odour

    Shell Gadus E6 2400 rates 2.5 on a 1 (imperceptible) to 6 (intolerable) scale in standard industry odour testing.1

Compatible with your EV needs

Developed using our extensive lubricants expertise, our range of e-greases are designed to work with the full range of electric vehicles. We’ve partnered with leading OEMs to support battery electric vehicles (BEV) and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) in powertrains for passenger car vehicles, commercial vehicles and heavy-duty vehicles.

In addition, the Shell E-Greases portfolio is contributing to improving the sustainability footprint of electric vehicles and is available worldwide through Shell’s extensive supply chain.

Our E-Fluids are designed for the full range of electric vehicles

Full range of vehicles our e-fluids are designed for

E-Transmission Fluids

  • Superior Synchronizer Compatibility
  • Outstanding Electrical Properties
  • Excellent Copper Corrosion
  • Excellent Shear Stability
  • Excellent Thermal and Oxidation Stability
  • Well-balanced Friction and Clutch Performance
  • Novel Antifoam Technology
  • Excellent Cooling to the E-Motor

E-Thermal Fluids

  • Excellent Thermo-Dynamic Properties
  • Very High Oxidative and Thermal Stability
  • High Compositional Consistency
  • High Cost Effectiveness vs. Fluorocarbon Materials
  • Outstanding Compatibility with Construction Materials
  • Excellent Conductive Heat Transfer
  • Co-Engineered with Battery Designs to Mitigate Flammability Risk


  • Excellent Thermal and Oxidation Stability
  • Excellent High Speed Performance
  • Noise Reducing Capability
  • Outstanding Electrical Properties
  • Very High Energy Efficiency

Setting the benchmark in performance

Shell Gadus E6 2400 supports the latest automobile and electric vehicle innovations. It’s an exceptional grease designed for high-quality auto components.

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[1] All data is derived from tests in laboratories of Shell Lubricant Solutions or partners using accepted standard methods

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