Wind turbine

Shell Gadus for Wind Turbines

Open shore wind turbines

Shell Gadus

Next-generation blade bearing grease for onshore and offshore wind turbines

Wind power is a critical renewable energy source – making it vital to protect the components and keep turbines operating at peak performance. The Shell Gadus range is specially formulated to deliver outstanding protection that keeps your equipment running smoothly for efficient operations.

  • Extend component life to reduce downtime
  • Get long grease life and system efficiency
  • Prevent wear and corrosion –even in harsh working conditions


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Wind turbine model
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Blade Bearing

Field trials and laboratory tests confirm that Shell Gadus S5 V110KP 1 provides exceptional protection against vibration, low temperatures, and corrosion - as well as low-speed and high-torque conditions. It protects blade bearings against false brinelling, wear and fretting corrosion, and provides effective film thickness in extreme temperatures - with a range that goes down as far as -55°C.

Gadus S5 V110KP product leaflet

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Main shaft bearing

Designed to reduce main bearing failures, Shell Gadus S5 V460KP 1.5 helps to extend bearing life and reduce equipment downtime. It features a unique combination of thickener and synthetic oil, which provides system efficiency. It also protects components from wear, corrosion and fretting – even at low temperatures.

Gadus S5 V460KP 1.5 leaflet

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YAW/Blade open gear

Shell Gadus S4 OG Multi-Season is an advanced open gear grease with excellent load-carrying capacity and resistance to shock. It’s designed to withstand severe operation conditions like dust and dirt contamination, water ingress and changes in temperature.

Shell Gadus S4 OG Multi-Season Data Sheet

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Lubricants for wind turbines

Shell is committed to improving wind operations and maintenance. Therefore, we offer an extensive range of lubricants to suit any need for wind turbines – including gear oils, greases, hydraulic oils, transformer oils and coolants.

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Key benefits¹

  • Protect against high and shock loads

    Longer Service Life

    Extend the service life of grease to enable longer maintenance intervals.

  • Corrosion Protection

    Enhanced Protection

    Protect components against climatic and contamination challenges in diverse operating environments.

  • High Torque

    Effective in High Winds

    Extra protection against wear from heavy loads when in high winds.

  • Low Temperature Performance

    Low Temperature Performance

    Protect your equipment with grease that works just as effectively in a wide temperature range.

Shell lubricants for wind

Designed to thrive in remote locations and developed to perform in extreme conditions. Explore our range of specialised wind power solutions.

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[1] All data is derived from tests in laboratories of Shell Lubricant Solutions or partners using accepted standard methods

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