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Shell Omala Gearbox Oils

Key Benefits ₁

  • Gear

    Improve gearbox reliability

    Protect your gearbox components from wear and contamination, helping you to drive reliable equipment operations.

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    Reduce maintenance downtime ₂

    Extend oil drain intervals to maximise the potential of your equipment and lower the associated maintenance costs.

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    Enhance system efficiency ₃

    Increase productivity with effective lubrication that helps your equipment meet its capabilities and perform at optimal efficiency. 4

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    Increase load carrying capacity

    Extend the life of components by protecting them, even in arduous low-speed, high-torque working conditions.

Explore the Shell Omala range

Download our brochure to find out how the Shell Omala range of gear oils can improve your operational efficiency while reducing costs.

Download product range brochure

Reducing operating costs in mining

Find out how Norilsk Nickel’s Black Swan mine in Australia reduced electricity consumption across its grinding mills through effective lubrication.

Download Norilsk Nickel case study

Extending gearbox life in construction

Discover how Portuguese construction company Etermar was able to save $289,400 a year by protecting its crane gearboxes from wear.

Download Etermar case study


1 All data shown is derived from tests in laboratories at Shell Lubricant Solutions or partners using accepted standard methods, taken from the Shell Omala product range brochure

2 Data is taken from “From Extending Gearbox Life to Driving Industry” brochure Data is taken from “From Extending Gearbox Life to Driving Industry” brochure

3 Designed for high efficiency, Shell Omala S4 WE is designed to increased productivity, taken from Shell Omala S4 WE brochure

4 In the industry-standard oil life test, Shell Omala S4 GXV achieved up to 67% less thickening than the maximum allowed after 312 hours at 121 degrees centigrade to ensure efficient and consistent lubrication. Taken from Shell Omala S4 GXV brochure.

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