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Shell Spirax

Drive your efficiency with effective maintenance

Your vehicles often operate in harsh conditions – and the Shell Spirax range is designed to help them work as efficiently as possible.

It extends the life of components with exceptional protection from wear, pitting, bearing failure and corrosion. This keeps your vehicles operating for longer and avoids breakdowns to help you:

  • Increase vehicle uptime through extended oil drain intervals
  • Reduce maintenance costs by extending component and vehicle life
  • Improve fuel efficiency by reducing power loss and increasing mechanical efficiency

Four key applications for high-performance lubricants

Explore the sectors where the Shell Spirax range of oils can help you deliver optimum performance:

Key benefits ₁

  • Increased vehicle uptime

    Avoid breakdowns with proven wear protection that extends component and vehicle life.

  • Reduced maintenance costs

    Keep your vehicles operating for longer without interruption through extended oil drain intervals.

  • Improved fuel efficiency

    Lower fuel consumption by reducing power loss and driving higher mechanical efficiency.

Enhanced protection for greater productivity

Discover how to deliver cost savings and drive your productivity with the Shell Spirax range for reliable and efficient heavy-duty fleet operations.

Download the heavy-duty applications brochure

The Shell Spirax range of axle, gear and automatic transmission fluids has been developed to enable drivers, fleet owners and operators to select the oil that will deliver optimum value to their operations through enhanced wear protection, long oil life and efficiency. Taken from the Shell Spirax Product Family Brochure.

All data is derived from tests in laboratories of Shell Lubricant Solutions or partners using accepted standard methods. For more product specific information, please visit www.epc.shell.com for more details.

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