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Delivering improved protection

Over 10 x  lower sludge than a competitor’s mineral oil


Equipment operating conditions, such as high temperatures or contaminants, can increase the likelihood of sludge formation that may affect your overall hydraulic system efficiency, lead to blocked filters and increase unplanned maintenance.

Some are tempted to think that the answer lies solely in the quality and cleanliness of the filters. However many hydraulic oils depend on vital additives to deliver the right performance and sometimes filters can therefore reduce effectiveness.

The optimal solution is to minimize the need for filtration in the first place. Shell Tellus S4 VE is designed to do just that. It’s reliable and long lasting while constantly working to minimize varnish and sludge.

When you’re looking to maximize performance and cost efficiency – the best place to start is the right oil.

To read more about how sludge and varnish can impact your productivity, please download our whitepaper.

Shell Tellus S4 VE

Meets and beats leading OEM approvals, advanced energy-efficient synthetic hydraulic fluid for mobile and stationary applications made with gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology.

Progress and Innovation – Gas to Liquids

Another Hydraulic first from Shell, cleaner, purer lubricants made from natural gas.

Proven advantage

Up to 5% greater energy efficiency and 21% less energy loss from hydraulic pumps.

Optimising performance and efficiency

Shell Tellus S4 VE has extended oil-drain intervals in mobile and stationary equipment. 

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