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Why Gas?


The Gas to Liquid technology is a result of 45 years of research and development at Shell. GTL Base Oils represent an entirely new way of producing synthetic base oils – the main component of lubricants – from natural gas.

Our proprietary process converts natural gas into crystal-clear base oils with virtually none of the impurities found in crude oil. Shell GTL base oils offer good viscosity retention under severe oxidation tests and help maintain performance, even at very high and very low temperatures.

The lower density and high viscosity index of Shell GTL base oils lend themselves to producing energy-efficient formulations by reducing inertial and bulk viscosity pumping energy losses and improving the thermal conductivity relative to other Group III base oils.

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Shell Tellus S4 VE

Meets and beats leading OEM approvals, advanced energy-efficient synthetic hydraulic fluid for mobile and stationary applications made with gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology.

Proven advantage

Up to 5% greater energy efficiency and 21% less energy loss from hydraulic pumps 

Improved protection

Protect your investment with sludge resistance and lower varnish.

Optimising performance and efficiency

Shell Tellus S4 VE has extended oil-drain intervals in mobile and stationary equipment. 

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