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If you want cost savings with extended oil life, wear protection, sludge control and a wider range of operating temperatures, Shell Tellus S4 VE fluid delivers. It’s an advanced performance, shear-stable hydraulic fluid with strong thermal and oxidative stability. In addition to meeting and beating standard industry and equipment manufacturers’ specification requirements, it exceeds the 10,000 hours maximum duration that can be measured in the industry-standard turbine oil stability test (TOST).

Shell Tellus S4 VE is GTL-based and can help to deliver total cost of ownership savings with up to a 6% hydraulic productivity improvement compared with a mineral oil and reduce the energy losses from hydraulic pumps by up to 21% compared with a mineral-oil-based fluid.

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Progress and Innovation – Gas to Liquids

Shell has a history of innovation in lubricants and was the first to market cleaner, purer lubricants made from natural gas.

Proven advantage

Up to 5% greater energy efficiency and 21% less energy loss from hydraulic pumps 

Improved protection

Protect your investment with sludge resistance and lower varnish.

Optimising performance and efficiency

Shell Tellus S4 VE has extended oil-drain intervals in mobile and stationary equipment. 

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