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Shell Tellus – A trusted family with new arrivals

S4 VE leaflet

Up to 10,000 hours TOST Life, leading protection with the latest anti-sludge & varnish technology. Energy-efficient synthetic hydraulic GTL based fluid for mobile and stationary applications

S3Z leaflet

Up to 7,500 hours TOST Life, enhanced protection, industrial applications. Group II / GTL Synthetic Blend.

S2 MX leaflet

Up to 5,000 hours TOST Life, extra protection, industrial applications. Group II mineral/ Zinc-Based.

Progress and Innovation – Gas to Liquids

Shell has a history of innovation in lubricants and was the first to market cleaner, purer lubricants made from natural gas.

Proven advantage

Up to 5% greater energy efficiency and 21% less energy loss from hydraulic pumps 

Improved protection

Protect your investment with sludge resistance and lower varnish.

5 reasons to be cheerful

Choosing the right oil can make a major difference to your business.

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Make informed decisions with easy-to-use digital tools and cutting-edge oil analysis. Our services put you in control.

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