Shell Turbo Turbine Oils

Shell Turbo Turbine Oils

Key Benefits¹

  • Enhanced wear protection

    Enhanced wear protection

    The anti-wear performance of Shell Turbo oils helps reduce the risk of turbine failure, even for heavily-loaded gearboxes.

  • Extended oil life

    Extended oil life

    Because unplanned downtime has never been more expensive, Shell Turbo oils deliver exceptional oil life under continuous operation.

  • Excellent system efficiency

    Excellent system efficiency

    Rapid air release combines with excellent filterability to help you get the most from your turbines, time after time.

  • High-temperature, fire-resistant performance

    High-temperature, fire-resistant performance

    Overcome increased operating temperatures and fire hazards with an oil that not only survives, but thrives, amid thermal stresses.

  • Heavy-load protection

    Heavy-load protection

    Excellent load-carrying capacity means reliable performance, even under severe, peak-load operation or cyclic peak-loading conditions.

  • Deposit and corrosion protection

    Deposit and corrosion protection

    Selective additive combinations minimise deposits on parts like filters or bearings, reducing the likelihood of corrosion and wear.

Engineer checking on a turbine

Shell Turbo

Turbine oils and GTL technology

Our gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology turns natural gas into high-performing liquid products. Using base oils derived from natural gas means fluids like our Shell Turbo range can offer various benefits over traditional group II/III base oils:

  • A lower sulphur content than fluids derived from crude oil
  • A more uniform chemical structure, contributing to reliable performance
  • Neither crude oil nor location-dependent, meaning long-term availability is secured

And the differences don’t stop there. From lower volatility to a better additive response, GTL-based oils are uniquely designed for the demanding conditions experienced by today’s modern turbines.

Choose the right product for you

Shell lubricants for turbines

Our wide-ranging portfolio of lubricants for turbines helps power companies and process plant operators keep their turbines operating at maximum capacity, with products made for everything from varnish removal to specialist applications.

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From turbines to turbocompressors, the Shell Turbo range covers a number of specialist applications across industrial steam, light or heavy-duty gas, and combined-cycle systems, including those with specific needs relating to:

  • High temperatures
  • Enclosed gears
  • Long life
  • Flame resistance
  • Load capacity
  • High ammonia inertness

Real-world case studies

  • Kaplan case study

    Kaplan case study

    With no oil-related failures across 17 years of use, see how Shell Turbo Oil T 68 helped this hydroelectric power plant extend its oil life by 150%.

    Download case study

  • Toshiba case study

    Toshiba case study

    Discover how, as part of a holistic package of products and support, Shell Turbo Oil T 32 delivered a 20-year service life for this mining company’s turbines.

    Download case study

  • Voith Kapplan S case study

    Voith Kapplan S case study

    Learn how, thanks to reductions in downtime, maintenance and oil cost, Shell Turbo Oil T 68 and Shell LubeAnalyst helped this company save $69,000 annually.

    Download case study

  • IHI case study

    IHI case study

    Not only did Shell Turbo Oil T 46 help this state-of-the-art automotive production line increase oil-drain intervals by 33%, but it also reduced unplanned compressor shutdowns to zero.

    Download case study


1For more information around performance characteristics, test results and technical claims, please consult our Shell Turbo product brochure here:

All data is derived from tests in laboratories of Shell Lubricant Solutions or partners using accepted standard methods.

For more product specific information, please visit for more details.


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