Shell workers outside cement plant

Case Study: Cemex

Shell Lubricant Solutions helps Cemex save almost $1 million* in maintenance costs

Like many others, those in the cement industry are often focused on keeping things moving. From open gears and kilns to heavy-duty vehicles, maintaining production is vital for maximising profitability.

When margins are tight and workforces stretched, Shell Lubricant Solutions helps to keep operations in motion, by removing barriers to progress and unlocking business potential.

This was the case when global building materials company, Cemex, engaged Shell to overcome a series of challenges at the Egyptian facility, including:

  • Preventing unexpected downtime
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Building an effective maintenance plan 

Shell helped Cemex save more than $900,000*, proving that a trusted partner can be a valuable asset to have.

*Savings indicated are specific to the calculation dates and mentioned sites. These calculations may vary from site to site and from time to time, depending on, for example, the application, the operating conditions, the current product being used, the condition of the equipment and the maintenance practices.


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