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Shell Road to Recovery

As COVID-19 has increased our dependency on on-highway fleet, your fleet need tools, solutions, and partnerships to succeed today and tomorrow.

Go Safely

Your employees’ health and safety is always a priority, but now it’s more important than ever before. Safety is one of Shell’s core values, and today, we are dedicated to supporting you in maintaining and improving the health and safety of your drivers. This offering includes:

  • Tips and guidance for maintaining physical & mental wellness
  • Proper pandemic hygiene tips
  • Recommendations on how to best keep any idled fleet equipment in operating condition.

Go Further Today

In the midst of uncertain times, it is important to keep your fleet operating efficiently, safely, and in top condition. Through Shell's range of premium products and services, you can increase uptime and minimize costs with access to premium programs including Shell LubeCoachAcademy, Shell LubeAnalyst, and more.

Go Further Tomorrow

As a fleet manager, you want to keep your fleet up to date with the latest technology and services. Only Shell has the expertise and offerings you need to rethink what is possible for running a business that is both profitable and sustainable heading into the future. As a part of this, we’re offering the most up to date tips on how to improve efficiency, reduce your costs and increase uptime of your fleet with:

  • Fleet Growth Recovery Series Webinars
  • Access to the most up to date industry information and whitepapers
  • Expert advice from industry leaders
  • Energy transition support, partnerships & training to revamp operations for maximum efficiencies, reduced fuel consumption, and sustainable practices

Get Savings

Shell is committed to helping you move your fleet forward with products and services that increase efficiency and value. As a fleet manager, you want to find ways to improve efficiency, reduce your total cost of operation and increase uptime of your fleet. You can maximize the value of your fleet during its entire lifespan through our complete portfolio of premium products, a best-in-class distribution network, and unmatched technical support. In addition, this program includes:

  • Tools to help you calculate your savings
  • A portfolio of premium products to secure sector growth

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