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The Future of Farming

Hey Google, How Do I Make My Farm More Profitable?

Tech innovation is driving rapid changes in agriculture, making an effective maintenance plan and trusted partnerships more important than ever. 

Our industry report, Powering Peak Performance in Agriculture, reveals:

  • more than two-thirds of farm owners and managers think a lack of staff expertise plays a role in equipment breakdowns1.
  • around 60 per cent believe maintenance staff would benefit from additional lubrication training, external support and expertise from a trusted supplier1.

But many feel they lack the time to tackle this knowledge gap because of competing demands, such as:

  • increasing equipment costs,
  • a shrinking workforce pool,
  • increasing consumer expectations.

Added to this, the economic realities farmers are facing today – such as the increasing pressure of competing in a globalised market – present additional challenges. The availability of cheaper, imported grain, produce and other staple crops means many farms must find new ways to compete and stay in business.

Despite these challenges, the World Economic Forum estimates an additional two billion people will need to be fed by 20502. Fortunately, technology is helping farmers find smart ways to do more with less:

  • Drones and UAV technology can check for problem areas in crops within a matter of minutes.
  • AI software can then use this data to direct robotic systems to undertake spraying and harvesting.
  • Sensors can also help control seed-planting depth or measure chemical inputs.

But digital tools must be complemented by in-person technical advice, because analysis and application make all the difference. Meaning farmers need trusted expert services to:

  • identify correct lubrication solutions
  • anticipate technical problems before they occur
  • train staff to keep equipment in peak operating condition

With the right guidance, technology can help transform the agricultural sector, enabling farmers to better maintain valuable equipment and avoid spending money on expensive, unnecessary repairs.

Agriculture: Global Report Powering Peak Performance’, Edelman Intelligence, and Shell, May 2018.

‘Shaping the Future of Global Food Systems: A Scenarios Analysis’, World Economic Forum and Deloitte, 2017.

Infographic: The Farm of the Future

Infographic: The Farm of the Future

Innovative products, the latest industry insights and maintenance training will ensure equipment is operating at peak performance, today and tomorrow.

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