3 Ways Farming Can Contribute to A Sustainable Future

Sustainable farming places increasing importance on agricultural machinery working efficiently and reliably for optimum productivity.

To help farmers meet these goals, we’ve outline three key areas of focus:

1. Upgrade Your Technology

Technology is key to driving efficiency and exponentially scaling value delivered. Farmers and food producers now have access to more advanced precision equipment than ever before, as agriculture is increasingly revolutionised by industry 4.0:

  • drones help growers monitor crops
  • GPS technologies help with soil sampling, field mapping and crop scouting
  • autonomous vehicles and robotic technology benefit labour-intensive tasks

2. Effective Lubrication

Ensuring equipment is always working at peak performance will become increasingly important as the sustainable agenda grows.

Our industry research shows that 68 per cent of farmers say maximising the lifespan of existing equipment is a priority, however 41 per cent often experience equipment breakdown due to ineffective lubrication1.

The solution to this evident knowledge gap is to help farmers upskill and increase their knowledge of lubricants, enabling them to play their part in meeting the UN’s sustainable farming targets.

3. Knowledge is Power

Services such as Shell LubeMatch allow farmers to find the right lubricant for their equipment in seconds. While Shell LubeCoach offers an expert-led training programme to help employers, and their staff, deliver better performance through an in-depth lubrication training programme.

Products and partnerships are key solutions to this global challenge and, with a little help, farmers can play an important role in delivering a sustainable future.

‘Agriculture: Global Report Powering Peak Performance’, Edelman Intelligence, and Shell, May 2018


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