“Elecon is the largest gearbox manufacturer in India. Elecon makes wide range of gear boxes ranging from Helical and Bevel Helical Gear boxes, Planetary Gear boxes, Worm Gear boxes, Marine Gear boxes, Elevator Traction Machines, Wind Mill Gear boxes, Couplings, High Speed Gear boxes etc. Elecon has expertise in providing customised gear boxes for Steel Mills, High Speed Turbines, Sugar Mills, Marine vessels, Coast Guard Ships, Plastic Extrusions, Antenna Drives and for Satellites in the Indian Space Programme. Elecon has played a pioneering role by being first in design, manufacturing and supplying many of the above products in India, and thereby adhering to the motto of “ALWAYS A STEP AHEAD IN TECHNOLOGY”

Every part of your Elecon gear box is meticulously designed to deliver the highest performance. So, if you want to use a lubricant which can ensure maximum protection and prolong its life. Then, we believe that Shell Omala S4 GX and Shell Omala S2GX are the only lubricants which meet all these challenges and helps in protecting & performing your Elecon gear boxes several times better than any other lubricant.

Shell Omala S2 G 320

Product Benefits

Shell Omala S2 G 320 (Main Stream Product)

Shell Omala S2 G is designed primarily for the lubrication of heavy duty industrial gears along with their high load carrying capacity and anti-friction properties.

Designed to protect

Protecting gears from damage can help to increase service life and maximise your return on investment. Shell Omala S2 G can help to achieve this by providing good performance in the four main wear tests:

  • FZG load-carrying-capacity test (DIN 51534), which assesses resistance to scuffing
  • FZG wear test (ASTM D4998), which assesses resistance to wear
  • Four-ball load-carrying test (IP 239), which assesses resistance to seizure
  • FAG FE-8 test (DIN 51819), which assesses protection for rolling bearings
  • Exceeding FZG scuffing resistance test requirements even under severe, double-speed testing.
Shell Omala S4 GX 320

Shell Omala S4 GX 320 (Premium Product)

Shell Omala S4 GX is an advanced synthetic heavy duty industrial gear oil offering outstanding lubrication performance under severe operating conditions, including reduced friction, long service life and high resistance to micro-pitting for optimal gear protection.

Designed to protect

Protecting gears from damage can help to increase service life and maximise your return on investment. Shell Omala S4 GX can help to achieve this by

  • Providing up to 90% less bearing wear than standard FAG test limits
  • Significantly exceeding the minimum gear protection requirements, even during double-speed testing.
Performance at a glance
Protection Oil life System efficiency

Shell Omala S4 GX Synthetic

  • Extra Protection
  • Extra long life
  • Special applications
Best Best Best

Shell Omala S2 G

  • Extra protection
  • Industrial applications
Better Good Better

 Performance level is a relative indication only.


Type of Gear Mainstream Product
Shell Omala S2 G 320
Premium Product
Shell Omala S4 GX 320
  • Spur Gear
  • Bevel Gear
  • Helical Gear
  • Planetary Gear
  • Mineral base gear oil, offer excellent micro-pitting protection.
  • Resist oxidation and provide long oil life.
  • Compatible with al seal materials
  • Prevent premature failures of seals, avoiding leakage and prolonging the life of all fear box components.
  • Fully Synthetic Poly Alpha Olephin (PAO) gear oil offer exended drain intervals compare to mineral based product.
  • Suitable for use in wide range of temperatures
  • Providing reduction in operating temperatures and increase in efficiency due to low coefficient of friction

Full Product and Service Portfolio

Shell Lubricants is the market leader in lubricants, and has a 60-year history of innovation. We are constantly investing to develop better lubrication solutions,to help you improve your business performance. Whatever your needs or application, we can provide a full range of oils and greases, including synthetic, high-performance products and additional services like:

Shell LubeAnalyst
Shell LubeAnalyst tests the condition of your lubricant to monitor and track your equipment performance.

Shell Videocheck
Shell LubeVideoCheck allows for assessment of internal engine condition without the need for dismantling the engine.

Shell Lubecoach
Shell LubeCoach is a quality training programme designed to deliver benefits of a well designed lubrication plan.

Shell LubeAdvisor
Shell LubeAdvisor delivers technical advice, basic product recommendation and troubleshooting support for lubricant related equipment problems.

Shell LubeMatch
Shell LubeMatch is a web-based product recommendation tool that aims at providing 24/7 self-help to customers in matching our products to their application.

Shell Omala S2 G brochure 

Shell Omala S4 GX brochure 

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