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Driving Efficiencies at Every Turn

The automotive industry is accelerating at a rapid pace. While innovative designs and alternative fuels may take centre stage, businesses depend on reliable and high-quality automotive components to guarantee product performance.

And to consistently deliver on these promises, automotive component manufacturers in turn need lubricants that introduce efficiency and cost savings to the process, every step of the way.

Shell Lubricant Solutions works hand-in-hand with leading auto equipment manufacturers to ensure the products offered are geared up to enhance machine efficiency during production, extend vehicle mileage, and improve the vehicle’s energy efficiency.

These long-standing collaborations have helped develop a deep understanding of industry challenges, from protecting profit margins to securing sustainability targets.

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Lubricants for Automotive Components

Lubricants can be critical to your production efficiency and they’re often an integral component of your product. Discover how our range of lubricants can help introduce efficiency and cost savings to the process, every step of the way.

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Whatever your current obstacles, overtake them with a portfolio of lubrication solutions that help deliver performance from start to finish.

The Value of Industry Partnerships

From the factory to the road, effective automotive manufacturing requires expertise at each stage of the journey. Discover the benefits of industry collaboration today.

Merging Technology with Sustainability

Learn how technology and sustainability can go hand-in-hand as you shift your operations to the next level.

Supporting Auto and Truck Manufacturers

As a business and technology partner, we can create a bespoke lubricants programme that is designed around your requirements. Find out more.


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