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Merging Technology with Sustainability

Like many industries, sustainability and technology are two key concerns for the automotive components sector.

  • First, how can the manufacturing process become more sustainable and its finished products more efficient?
  • And second, how can technology help you to achieve both?

The answer may lie in your maintenance strategy, particularly the role that lubrication plays.

Sustainability in Automotive Manufacturing

When it comes to the efficiency of your facility, a lot can be gained by selecting the right lubricant. Whereas time, energy and money can be lost by persevering with a lubricating oil that is not meeting the requirements of your operation, especially when facing a constant battle to reduce downtime and increase production.

And this carries through to the finished product too, with consumers demanding greater fuel economy from their vehicles.

All of which points to a lubrication solution that can maximise energy efficiency on the line and fuel efficiency in the lane. Especially as we transition towards greater e-mobility, where solutions such as Shell’s E-Fluids and E-Greases will help to meet a broad range of engineering and performance requirements.

Automotive Manufacturing Technology

Technology plays a crucial role in increasing energy efficiency, helping businesses to meet sustainability targets at each step of the industrial journey.

For those working with automotive components, this technology often takes the form of robotics: industrial robot systems whose automated and programmable capabilities can generate efficiencies throughout the production line.

However, to consistently perform at its peak, robotic machinery must be effectively maintained. Next level grease technology, as demonstrated by Shell Gadus S4 V80XE 00*, is:

  • Designed to improve lubricating performance in industrial robot systems
  • Optimised to sustain precision and enhance reliability
  • Formulated to require reduced maintenance and extended rotary vector (RV) drive service life

*Shell Gadus S4 V80XE 00 performance data is derived from tests in laboratories of Shell Lubricant Solutions or partners using accepted standard methods.

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Next level grease technology for robotic arms

See how our greases help protect high-tech robotics equipment.

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