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The Value of Industry Partnerships

The automotive industry is an international enterprise and so effective automotive component manufacture requires global collaboration. With so many moving parts at every step of the process, partnerships can be a vital tool for companies that are feeling over-stretched and under-capacity.

But partnerships are only effective if they can help bridge gaps, connect dots, and strengthen areas that were previously limiting potential.

Products Built on Expertise

As a truly international organisation, Shell Lubricant Solutions has experts in the lubrication of critical equipment based in more than 90 countries worldwide. All of whom contribute to the delivery of our high-quality fluids, covering:

  • Initial-fill lubricants for automotive drivelines, chassis, interiors, bodies and bearings
  • Oils and greases for automotive manufacturing processes
  • Extender oils for rubber and tyre manufacture
  • Calibration test fluids

Alongside products you can rely on, our experts can help to provide and implement lubrication plans that are designed to unlock manufacturing potential.

Our varied experience of working alongside automotive businesses makes us perfectly placed to engage in joint product development, helping to design a specialised lubricant for your specific requirements.

Products Backed by Experts

And because lubricants are so critical for the protection and performance of automotive components, we work with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), like BMW and Hyundai, to ensure our products are formulated for peak performance.

In fact, our long-standing relationships with OEMs have led to more than 3,000 cases of our products being approved or meeting the specifications of equipment manufacturers or automotive suppliers.

So, whether it’s new additions to our existing portfolios, such as Shell Helix and Shell Rimula, or breakthroughs in areas like hydrogen and E-Fluids, our solutions can help you protect your current operations, while steering you towards the energy mix of the future.


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