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Collaborative Networks

Why the Future of Manufacturing Needs Collective Thinking

As marketplaces become more competitive and operating environments more demanding, effective collaboration is one means of staying ahead of the curve.

The right partnerships can help to introduce new ways of working, new modes of thinking, or new lines of business. All of which ladder up to a higher-performing and more resilient manufacturing operation, especially when related to the growing industry focus on digital and sustainability initiatives.

The maintenance solutions provided by Shell Lubricant Solutions are built on a strong and longstanding ethos of collaboration, with both our customers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Customer Collaboration

In an ever-expanding ecosystem, it’s becoming increasingly unsustainable for manufacturing businesses to exist and operate in isolation. Cross-industry collaboration is critical for: plugging knowledge gaps; identifying growth opportunities; and adapting operations to protect from – or take advantage of – market volatility.

Shell collaborates closely with customers across the globe to help keep their businesses in motion, providing solutions such as:

  • Shell LubeAdvisor – Equipment support from industry experts, including detailed plant assessments and lubrication surveys.
  • Shell LubeOptimiser – A network of on-site reliability service providers that can help you overcome manpower, productivity or downtime challenges.
  • Shell LubeChat – A 24/7 online solutions service, equipping you with the knowledge needed to make more informed decisions and take meaningful actions.

OEM Partnerships

Also driving Shell’s manufacturing maintenance solutions – from advanced lubricants to digital services – are long-standing relationships with various OEMs. As a result, Shell has more than 3,000 approvals or equipment manufacturer recommendations, all aimed at increasing efficiency, reducing costs and protecting your bottom line.

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