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End-to-End Solutions for General Manufacturing

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The manufacturing industry spans a range of sectors, and there is nothing really ‘general’ about any of them.

From industrial manufacturer to precision plastics, the majority are highly diversified and vastly complex, often as a result of intricate machinery and demanding environments. 

Throughout every subsector, however, one thing remains constant: the need for sustainable productivity. Maximum output, minimal impact, and optimum profit; all amidst technological changes and shifting conditions.

Connecting these dots can be challenging, but the right partner can help take the complexity out of your operations.

Discover how Shell Lubricant Solutions’ specialist lubricants, bespoke services and end-to-end solutions can help simplify your day-to-day operations.


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Discover how our work with customers and OEMs is proving that partnerships are helping to mould the future of manufacturing.

Lubricants for Automotive Components

Our lubricants for automotive components are designed to help enhance the performance of your finished products and factory operations. Find out more.

Lubricants for Plastic Injection Moulding

The right lubricants and supporting services can help optimise your plastic injection moulding operation. Find out more.


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