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Future-Proofing Production

Integrating Digital and Sustainable Thinking into Your Production Line

The manufacturing industry has largely been quick to integrate new practices that can help to boost overall productivity. The emergence of Industry 4.0 has seen several digital technologies widely adopted, with robotics, automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) used by many companies.

However, the next significant frontier in this journey towards meaningful progress is sustainability. In line with wider societal priorities, manufacturing companies are increasingly building sustainability goals into their business plans, meaning that – if progress is to be deemed successful – it must take into account both digitalisation and sustainability considerations, and how the two can combine to boost business from top to bottom.

Upgrade Your Digital Capabilities

For many businesses across the manufacturing ecosystem, Industry 4.0 technologies are well established:

  • Robotics help to increase production line speed and efficiency
  • Automation protects worker safety
  • AI and machine learning allow greater operational cost control

However, as external tensions emerge – from labour shortages to trade uncertainties – the next logical step is to leverage these digital capabilities to strengthen business agility and scalability. Areas like cloud computing and advanced analytics can allow companies to adopt “flexible factories” that are better positioned to identify emerging opportunities and deliver scalable results.

Grow Your Sustainability Credentials

Just as digitalisation helps operations become more adaptable to changing conditions, it also helps them work towards sustainability goals, by streamlining processes and maximising efficiencies throughout the supply chain. And this holistic approach is key, as sustainability measures need to be present in each link of this chain to be effective, from the lubricant selected to the maintenance services employed.

As potentially the greatest challenge of our time, Shell Lubricant Solutions is helping customers build out their sustainability strategy by offering a range of solutions, including:

  • Our portfolio of carbon neutral lubricants
  • Our Shell Naturelle range of biodegradable lubricants
  • A variety of maintenance services that can help promote energy efficiency


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