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Lubricants for Plastic Injection Moulding

Performance in Plastic Injection Moulding: Expert Input, Extra Output.


Identifying Efficiencies

Your hydraulic oil is capable of more than you might think. Choosing the right one could save you both time and money.

3 Tips for Optimising Your Lubrication

Read our three-step plan for enhancing the power of lubrication in your plastic injection moulding business.

Case Study: Pilsa Plastics

We helped extend this operation’s oil-drain intervals by 100 per cent. What could we do for yours?


Explore Plastic Injection Moulding Applications

Explore Plastic Injection Moulding Applications

Hydraulic Fluid

Shell Tellus fluids are designed to provide robust protection for your hydraulic system and help you to reduce incidence of equipment failure.


The Shell Gadus range provides low-noise, high quality greases for your electric motors and bearings.

Compressor Oils

Explore our range of Shell Corena compressor oils, proven to help reduce your operational costs without compromising protection.

Gear Oils

Keep your gears turning with Shell Omala gear oils that meet the demands of the most advanced OEM gearbox designs.

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Explore our complete toolkit of services, gain full access to Shell expertise and get online and in-person support.

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Explore our range of high quality lubricants. Designed by experts, our products create substantial savings for businesses by helping to increase component efficiency, prolong equipment life and reduce downtime.