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3 Tips for Optimising Your Lubrication

Plastic Injection Moulding: 3 Tips For Unlocking Your Lubricant’s Potential

Below are three top tips to help effectively select, apply and manage lubricant products, based on Shell’s decades of experience serving the worldwide plastics sector. 

#1: Understand The Value That Lubricants Offer

Hydraulic systems are expected to deliver peak performance while operating amidst high pressures and fluctuating temperatures, so it pays to opt for product formulations with advanced protection and stability properties.

While advanced lubrication can often have a premium price point, it is important to take a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) approach to purchase, taking into account the long-term savings that they can help achieve by:

  • reducing start-up times
  • lowering energy consumption
  • optimising cycle times.

#2: Take Advantage of Lubricant-Related Services

To support your lubricant selection and help keep your equipment running smoothly, Shell Lubricant Solutions offers lubricant-related services, including:

  • Shell LubeChat – 24/7, on-demand technical expertise, direct to your digital device.
  • Shell LubeAdvisors – A network of regional technical help desks and field-based lubrication engineers.
  • Shell LubeAnalyst – An Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) programme that provides a health check for your oil.

#3: Don’t Overlook Staff Training and Upskilling

With the right lubricant selected, companies need to ensure that they also have the right processes and practices in place to maximise its benefits. This includes implementing proper lubrication maintenance.

The education and training of staff in terms of, for instance, extending oil-drain intervals and the correct handling and storage of oil in the plant, is crucial to this.

As an end-to-end solutions provider, Shell Lubricant Solutions can help plug knowledge gaps through the Shell LubeCoach offering: a training course delivered in-person or through our e-learning portal, by technical experts who offer practical insights and best-practice techniques.

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