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Our end-to-end product and service offerings are designed to protect your business during times of uncertainty, boost your bottom line when the opportunity arises, and support your company in meeting its sustainability targets.

Over the years, our technical expertise has helped to support:

  • Alpla (Croatia), a world leader in plastic packaging solutions
    • An upgrade to Shell Tellus S3 M extended the oil-drain Interval (ODI) of their plastic injection moulding from 5,000 to 15,000 hours.
    • The implementation of Shell LubeAnalyst Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) contributed to reduced equipment downtime and a lower overall maintenance budget.
    • All of this resulted in annual savings of $16,500.
  • Jász-Plastics (Hungary), a plastics producer supplying multinational companies
    • Trialling Shell Tellus S4 ME 46, in conjunction with Shell LubeAnalyst OCM, resulted in $19,600 total savings.
    • Achieved an average reduction in electric consumption of 9.5 per cent and overseeing a five-fold increase in oil lifespan.
  • Retal (Lithuania), a plastics packaging company working with international beverage companies
    • An ODI extension trial with Shell Tellus S3 M 46 and Shell LubeAnalyst resulted in a doubling of ODI from 8,000 to 16,000 hours, alongside decreased production losses.
    • Overall maintenance savings totalled $54,500.

The savings indicated are specific to the calculation dates and mentioned sites. These calculations may vary from site to site and from time to time, depending on, for example, the application, the operating conditions, the current product being used, the condition of the equipment and the maintenance practices.

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